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politics or poly tricks     09-07-2009
How often do these politicians make us thoroughly and repentantly realize our mistakes of choosing them as our leaders? If this guilt was not enough, here is one more ridiculous act of disgrace!!!

It was a very breezy 9th July, Thursday morning, when one was un-interruptedly enjoying a sudden weather transition. It truly seemed as if the day would pass on pretty calm with serenity all over, when this boisterous act of ‘derogatory political might’ was displayed.

A group of youngsters, who claimed themselves to be the prime representatives of the TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) political party were spotted relentlessly demolishing a Tourist Travels agency named ‘India Tourist Agency’ located beside the Afzhalganj bus depot. The reason for them to defend this insane act was clear and simple. Abdul Khader, one of the local party worker said, “There was a serious brawl between the owner of the travels agency, Mr.Murthy and the TRS member, Mr.Govardhan Shetty at the time of general elections as the former couldn’t provide the latter with the required transport for the sake of the latter’s ‘campaigning’ to promote his party”.

Party workers at 'work'

Party workers at 'work'. Credit: Painless Predator

So aren’t such disgraceful actions a blow to our democracy? “No not at all”, contradicts another party worker. He says, “Mr.Murthy, the owner of ‘India Tourism’ couldn’t provide us with the proper arrangements we needed during the elections time, so he truly deserves what he is getting now!”

On the other hand, no one listened to the cries of Mr.Murthy. When approached him for his reaction, he was desperate to respond. He said, “Stop them!… Please stop them. They are eating away my livelihood”.

When the time of election comes, we usually go to rallies and hear patiently for hours and hours together what these supposed ‘Leaders’ have to say but did anyone hear the heart wrenching sorrow of Mr.Murthy? If this degree of incompetence and baseless aggression was not enough, the party workers were further provided with ‘Police Protection’.

It was seemingly a sight of disgust as even the pedestrians, who were passing by couldn’t agree more. Md.Pasha, a worker in a nearby welding shop rightly comments, “Yeh toh hota hi rehta hai, humne toh bas apni aankh bandh karne ki aadat si daal li” (Such incidents keep happening, we have made it a habit to just ignore everything by closing our eyes).

Many similar sights of people were observed, who were just watching the ‘Tamasha’ and one cannot really blame them for this attitude.

Police doing their 'duty'

Police doing their 'duty'. Credit: Painless Predator

So where can we draw a line between our leaders enforcing laws and they themselves taking a step forward to trample them? To this reacts, the former President of Public Union Of Civil Liberties (PUCL), Mr.Keshav Rao Jadhav. He says, “It’s not a new thing that we are witnessing an incident of this degree of shamelessness on the Government’s part. If anything has to be done, a rebellious voice has to come from within”.

Now does this mean that the whole blame has to be put on these leaders’ head? Don’t the police authorities have any responsibilities towards it? For answering this, a police constable (hesitant to reveal his name) vents out in irritation. He says, “I’m just doing my duty, let me do it and don’t put your nose in this”.

It’s predominantly a very shocking and an alarming sight that all these major bodies of governing stature are often seen culminating into a disaster. It’s not that this kind of a debacle didn’t occur previously and this surely isn’t going to be the last time that it’s taking place.

Though we still seem to follow this lame principle of ‘2Ws’, which is to “Wait and Watch”.

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