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It started when Sadhana, a 4th year ECE student of VJIT met one of her friends, who told about the social service that they were doing from their college which involved taking classes for the under-privileged students  at a school near Mehdipatnam. Inspired from it, Sadhana and her friend Bharath came up with the idea of Avashah.  A lot of hard work and seven months later, Avashah is now a social service organization that has two wings, one takes personality development classes for school children in Zilla Parishad High Schools (ZPHS) and the other collects money from students of VJIT and donates it to orphanages, blind schools and old age homes depending on the need.

Initially, when Sadhana and Bharath put forward the idea of ’social service’ to their friends and classmates, they met with a mixed bag of reactions, none being very supportive. But their closest pals Harish, Pruthvi and Anil showed immense interest in the idea and encouraged them to seek the faculty’s advice. They approached Miss Prasanna Lakshmi of the English department, Mr.Ravinder Reddy and Mr.E.M Raju, professors of the Maths and Physics departments respectively. The lecturers welcomed the idea but also warned the students that the path was indeed a difficult one. The Secretary Mr.P.Purushottam Reddy and the Principal Mr. Uma Thankur appreciated the idea and assured them of any help at any moment.

Team Teaching 6th class Credits:DayDreamer

Team Teaching 6th class Credits:DayDreamer

Bharath met the Mandal Education Officer (MEO) of Moinabad, who helped by giving them the list of schools in that mandal. After going through all the schools and the facilites they have, the Avashah team zeroed in on Venkatapur Zilla Parishad High School (ZPHS) which is 15 km away from college. The main aim was to take Personality Development Classes at this school and do it every Saturday.

With the permission of respective branch HOD’s they spread the information through out the college. This time around, the response was much better and in a short span Avashah had volunteers from all the branches. As the teaching staff wasn’t sufficient in the school, on the advice of Head Mistress, the team took classes in English, Maths, Physics and the other subjects rather than the personality development classes which they’d originally planned to take. Team Avashah had their first teaching session in December 2008 when they took classes from the 6th standard to the 10th in Telugu as the medium of instruction. From then, 5 to 6 volunteers go to school every week to take classes on a rotation basis.

Team sharing food with children at V.E.S Credits:DayDreamer

Team sharing food with children at V.E.S Credits:DayDreamer

After two months, with the teaching wing working successfully, Avashah decided to extend the services to funding. Calling for a class representative’s meet in the college, the team announced the idea of ‘A Rupee a Day’ which would involve collecting a minimum of Rs 30 every month from each student. They donate the money thus collected to orphanages, blind schools and old age homes depending on the requirements of these places.

Effective campaigning on the funding program in the college by the Avashah team led to collection of more then Rs. 8,000 at the end of the first month, a strong gesture of support and appreciation from the students of VJIT. The team spent the amount on buying 100 kgs of Rice, 50 kgs of Dal, large size cooking utensils and ceiling fans for the Vagdevi Educational Society run by Mr. Yogeshwar in Yapral. The orphanage shelters around 40 students.

Official Inaguration of Avashah on 23rd March 2009 Credits:DayDreamer

Official Inaguration of Avashah on 23rd March 2009 Credits:DayDreamer

Avashah was officially inaugurated on 23rd March, 2009. Observing the excellent work done by Avashah (which is now registered) the Secretary of VJIT, Mr.Purushottam Reddy donated Rs.20, 000 to the organization as a token of encouragement. He wished that in ten years, Avashah would grow like a tree, spreading its branches over other schools and orphanages in the locality. The handing over the college level duties by the out going batch to the enthusiastic members of 4th years for its smooth functioning is just the step that Avashah needed to take to reach the vision that they have set for themselves.

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