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Couple Curriculum

By Ink Fairy On July - 17 - 2009 2 COMMENTS
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God made Adam and then God made Eve. But what God didn’t know he created, was the word ‘couple’ and what the couple themselves didn’t know was this unwritten order or ‘curriculum’ they follow as the stay together over a life span. The story starts very simple there is a boy and there is a girl, boy meets girl they fall in love and become a couple. This is the ‘the end’ for simplicity and a story more complex than the complex numbers of math begins! The fun part is to find out why. Read on…

The couple religiously follow all the rules in the curriculum in all stages of their relationship. Different prefixes can be added to the word couple such as married couple, dating couple, live-in relationship couple and even gay couple since it is no law breaking anymore. But the curriculum remains the same.

In the start it’s all rosy and respective spouses are of prime importance to each other. Friends, family, education, career, even the pet dog, who has been so faithful over the years takes a back seat. Arvind, who has just completed his graduation terms this phase as the ‘getting used to phase’ of the curriculum. “In this phase there is no specific demands from the girl, she likes you for who you are, your way of dressing looks better than Brad Pitt to her. She doesn’t mind if you spend if you spend just a minute or be by her side the whole day, it’s just perfect!” says Arvind. “Yeah! It’s just a perfect trap”, quips his girlfriend Aparna. She continues saying “it’s more like the getting-the-girl-addicted-to-you stage… all guys do in this stage is turn the girls life around 360 degrees”. Most couples find this stage the most wonderful and memorable in their relationship. But after a certain period of time all the special n wonderful things start seeming normal and the magic begins to vanish. Now the practicality starts to come into the picture and the bickering begins. Questions like ‘why aren’t you on time?’ ‘Where and with you are you now?’ ‘Why don’t you ever text back?’ etc.., become a part of your daily talk. Phrases like ‘you have changed!’ “You don’t love me the same way!’ ‘I don’t know why I care about you so much!’ come into picture and at some point of time even the thought of regret enters your mind.

All the other things in life, which had taken a back seat become inevitably important. Abdul, a senior from college says, “Now at this stage I mostly find myself looking for reasons to stay in the relationship and find happiness if not a strong reason to end it”. Maria says, “The couple now are together just because they were having a good n happy time sometime back, it’s just like they are together as they have to, not because they want to”. This is a common scenario in most colleges. It is observed most times that at the beginning of college the couples formed aren’t the same the couples, who leave college. Of course they may be few anomalies, which are very much appreciated. The reasons stated usually go as the following:

  1. We just don’t get along. I can’t stand him/her!
  2. She/he has gone fat or got pimples etc.., after the vacation and I can’t take the change. It’s too horrible!
  3. It is affecting my studies.
  4. The most common heard ‘the parental units.’

The fourth reason mention above showed its ugly face to a relationship  at MJCET, Banjara Hills about 5months ago. The couple met during their first year and everything was going just fine when the girl’s parent came to know about the couple and took some serious action. The girl’s mother gave a serious warning to the boy to keep away from her daughter during the first year holidays. The girl was also strictly told to keep away from the boy. Everything was silent during the holidays, but once the college commenced the couple came face to face in many a times and faced many awkward situations. Then one day the boy just couldn’t take it and confronted the girl as she was just in the corridor with her friends. The boy wished to reconcile but the girl didn’t want to go against her mother. So, in a huge rush of emotion the boy went up to the fifth floor and jumped.His friends were in a complete shock.Never had they thought that their friend would take such an extreme step.

The building, where the incident took place. Credits: Ink Fairy

The building, where the incident took place. Credits: Ink Fairy

Though the college management and friends attended to him immediately and he was taken to NIMS hospital but it vain. He had fell on his head and his skull had broken and severe brain damage. He passed away the next day. Severe police inquires had taken place on campus as to find out if the boy was pushed by someone or had fallen by himself. But nothing concrete has come up yet. His blood marks on the obstacles he hit on his way down still remain as a sad memory of his demise.Till date whenever the girl steps into college she can hear people speaking behind her back that ’she is the one for whom the guy committed suicide.’One of her friends who does’nt wish to be named says that the girl has’nt been herself ever since.Mushtaq who was just coming out of the library at moment of the incident mentions ‘I was pertrified to see the boy falling,infront of my very eyes I could see his head hit the railing and could hear his skull cracking.the whole crowd ran towards him but were too late.’

So whether one follows the curriculum or not  it is good to look before leaping. When in control it’s a bed of roses , if control is lost, one keeps drowning in the quick sand. This incident has changed the perception of many people in college, who are in a relationship or want to be in one. Being a couple is not a sin, as long as it doesn’t harm the couple and the people in their life. Suicide is not an action expected to be taken by a person with good mental stability. Many a times it has been said that if things don’t work out the way one wants them to, then may be God has something better in store. It is expected that it drops the emotional morale to the ground but nevertheless a person should never give up on the wonderful thing called ‘life’.

‘There is always a better day!’ that’s should be the motto… be happy and spread happiness and the biggest problems in life will seem very small.

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2 Responses to “Couple Curriculum”

  1. Beyond Boundaries says:

    Yeah! True! It helps, just thinking ” This moment is inevitable”.

  2. Ink Fairy says:

    the incident got us all thinking a whole new angle…

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