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Priyanka was getting ready looking at her pretty self in the mirror. She truly looked stunning in the black skirt and cream top. She was confident she would set the dance floor burning with her moves. All her colleagues will surely get shocked as they could never guess she had so much fire in her. She was working as part of Associate Training Programme (ATP) at GE located on Uppal road, Hyderabad. It was her first party outside GE and was really looking forward for her first bash, which came by so soon. She had been working quite hard for a week or so and she definitely needed this change.

But, what exactly is GE and ATP? GE or Genpact, as it is commonly called, is one of the earliest pioneers in the establishment of various business solutions and processes for companies across the globe. It has managed to retain its high stakes even after the global scenario has changed due to recession. This company seems to be the one, which isn’t at all influenced or hit by recession. At least, that’s what few people swear by. It provides services in areas such as Finance and Accounting, Collections, Insurance, Supply chain management and IT. It has about 35 operating centres spread over 12 countries.

University Industry Hub (UIB) is the commonly used name for ATP. ‘Earn while you learn’ is the motto of this programme.  People basically came to know about this program when the GE HR Team visited colleges personally, conducted various tests and selected the cream out of them.

It is basically the BPO industry, where they get calls from abroad and solve their technical problems. There are 124 departments out of which 100 are calling processes. They work 6-8 hours straight and have to achieve the targets in stipulated time. These guys need not pay taxes and have facilities such as cabs, medical facilities, vouchers namely cheer points etc. They work for three days and they attend college on two days. Friday and Sunday are holidays.

Frontal View Credit:Pearl Rive

Frontal View Credit:Pearl Rive

When asked about the work culture, this is what Sameer, a 3rd year ATP student says, “Work culture is too good while my other friends who work for MNC’s just get pissed off by work, stress and what not. Here every colleague is a mentor and Nitin, who is my manager is cool and follows the dictum ‘work when u work and show the performance’”.

His friend Teja quips, “It is one of the best jobs. You need not stick to it permanently. Join GE and work for about 4 years. Then, opt out of it and start working elsewhere. You’ll get a huge hike in salary. I am earning Rs. 4000 now and elsewhere, we are being offered Rs. 25,000 plus. Thus, experience in GE counts.  Of course, you can join GE later in a higher position also and reap benefits”.

Sravanthi, also a 3rd year ATP student says, “Freshers here gain a lot of  experience. They must focus on what they are doing,what they are gonna do after studies, whether they want to get into jobs or just study or do both. And here in GE, we definitely have an edge over you Engineering guys . Now if you compare  an ATP guy and an Intermediate/IIT/ Btech Grad, we definitely have more corporate experience and  job security. Even we will definitely earn on par with you freshers and also a lot more than you guys can even think of in a few years. By the time you guys get ready for jobs as freshers, here he is already a leader in Genpact and can  make people work under him”.

They have parties atleast twice a month  in well known night clubs but minus the booze (mind you guys) where they chill out. Different food courts and stalls are set up to promote their products.  The students also get to participate in various competitions all over India and recently a group of ATP students had won 2nd place in a national level dance competition held at St Xaviers, Mumbai.

Main Building Credit:Pearl Rive

Main Building Credit:Pearl Rive

“If you don’t have big goals and aspirations you can lead a peaceful life in GE. Once they focus on what they exactly want to do, they never leave. Only few seniors have gone abroad and sought university admissions that have been granted in just 5 days. In 3 years they have 55 % in degree with 3 years work experience and they have all flown to Canada, Australia. No unwanted rules, only discipline needs to be followed. We can be dressed in casuals or formals but better be formal and look all business”, says Navya another ATP student.

However the disadvantages seem to be very few, like working in night shifts has become difficult for many, though it’s unavoidable and they are hoping for better salaries. But all the benefits, the work culture etc are clearly explained to the trainees before they join the company and they may leave the company any time they want. No specific bond is written unlike other corporate companies.

Finally freshers can have good benefits if they join the company as they get to know and improve their working skills, communication skills, get to know management techniques etc. even while doing their graduation.

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