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Engineering Woes

Cursing, swearing and muttering, Vinod reluctantly had to get up from his sleep to switch off the continuous ringing of the alarm clock set for 6.30 a.m. Having lost the habit of waking up early in the morning, he eventually woke up much later than he wanted to, making him miss his college bus. After making a few frantic calls to his friends to stop the bus, he finally made it to the bus totally out of breath and earned himself a few exasperated looks from the faculty members .

This was the case of many 2nd and 3rd year students of JNTU on July 6th, 2009 when the college finally re-opened ,much to the relief of the 2nd year students who felt they had been given more holidays than they wanted.

Indeed, such was the boredom of the holidays that almost the entire student fraternity was very glad to be get back to college. Also, the fact that not many classes are conducted on the very first day  brought  out a very large and healthy attendance. There was almost a festive atmosphere in ACE engineering college on the day of the re-opening, where students greeted each other as would long lost friends. Greetings of  “Hey! Wassup… long time… how are you?” were heard throughout the campus almost the entire day as everyone caught up with each other after a long time.

A few students, quite cleverly avoided the faculty members for the risk of getting grilled about their percentages in the semester examinations. Sidharth, a student of ACE engineering college admits that he didn’t venture anywhere near his STLD professor as he had scored particularly low marks in that subject and didn’t want to risk getting grilled by his lecturer. Classes began on a rather serious note from the next day onwards with almost every faculty warning the students of dire consequences should they resort to bunking the classes or not taking the academics very seriously. Almost, as if to prove their point and to the horror of the students, every subject was introduced in such a threatening and a deadly manner that even the so called ‘last benchers’ had to sit straight and listen to the classes.

The scenario for the 3rd year students was more serious than they had ever encountered in their B.Tech life. With many of the competitive exams like GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, GATE lined up this year, it was not so surprising to see many students getting serious and preferring to sit in the libraries rather than whiling away the time in the college canteen or in the ground. Y.Sai Pavan Reddy, a 3rd year student says that this year is probably going to be the most challenging phase of B.Tech as a number of exams and also campus recruitments are lined up this year.

But not everyone has been thinking along the same lines as Pavan. A trip to Araku is being planned by the students of Ace Engineering college later this month. Rohit a 3rd year student of Ace engrineering college says that this ‘seriousness’  is only a passing façade as the results were announced just 3 days prior to the re-opening. He says that everyone will be their ‘normal self’ once the shock of the results subsides. But he’s also quick to point out that not everything is the same in the 3rd year as it was earlier.

Gone are the carefree days of engineering where classes and labs were attended only for the sake of attendance and fun. The students of the 3rd year seem a little purposeful and bent towards their careers and academics, and a majority of the students of C.S.E and I.T branch are seen attending various software and designing application classes after the college hours. Praveen an I.T student admits that he has no choice but to attend these classes after regular classes as this not only provides him with an extra certificate but also enables him in getting an edge over the others from the interview point of view.

The scenario with the 2nd year students is completely different. Barring a few, almost all the students are seen to be lazing around the campus, not bothering about the world. The attendance of the 2nd years on the first day was particularly low with an attendance percentage of only 50%.  Priya (name changed) says that it is only fair for them to bunk the classes as, according to her, an abysmally less number of holidays were given to them after the end of their 1st year and she feels fully justified in bunking a few days from the college.

To compensate for the low attendance on the first two days, the principal of ACE Engineering college decided not to start the classes immediately, instead, various workshops and personality development classes were conducted for them by emminent personalities in the college premises.

Yes, there is a certain gloom and a sense of restlessness in the minds of he 3rd year students as this year might well turn out to be the deciding phase in the careers of the students. Also, the fact that there is only one year left after this and the 2nd semester of the 4th year hardly counts might be a reason for the impending nag in the minds of every 3rd year student. But folks, its time to take life as it comes and one should try and maximize the last few days of what’s left of their engineering life. Also the old saying “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” should be the mantra for the students appearing for the competitive exams this year.

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