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Heard of phrases like ‘my gang’, ‘inmates of the adda’, ‘our group’, ‘apne log’? This is something that prevails in each and every college. Hotspots of a college are definitely not the dais or the declamatory auditoriums; these are the places where the so called ‘gangs’ of the college hang out.

When the students of JBIET were inquired about the hotspots of the college, a long list of nearly insignificant places was obtained! A 3rd year student, Pooja says, “In a day of 24 hours, excluding the time we spend sleeping, 3 hours or more is lost in traveling, an hour for daily chores in the morning, the evening hours are ticked off while we finish our assignments, projects, etc. Most of us obviously don’t attend classes all day long; when we bunk, we have our own places to go to, that belong to just our group of friends and no one else”. The rocks under a huge tree beside the football ground is their hotspot. She says, “We don’t allow anyone else to occupy that place when we are around. That according to us is the most happening place in the college, where all friends from different branches turn up, when they bunk. Few Lays packets, a coke bottle and lots of gossip makes our day not less fun than any other picnic day!” she giggles.

Likewise, there are many other places, which are dear to some people. For few, the ‘central kitchen’ does all the magic. Bharadwaj, a mechanical engineering student thinks that the central kitchen is the best place to eat, talk and have fun. They chose this place over the other two canteens in the college because of the variety of the food they get here – from fried rice to noodles to gajar ka halwa to temptations; fresh juices to schezwan rice; gulab jamuns to special biryani; cocktail rice to ice creams. Ah! Mouthwatering! Wasn’t it? That’s what keeps them alive when they are away from classes. The hostellers are a fan of the food they get there. They say it is a ‘home away from home!’

the first year students chilling out. credits:aura unleashed

Juniors Chilling! Credit: Aura Unleashed

With many colleges affiliated to JBIET, namely JBREC (Joginapally bhaskar rao engineering college), BEC (Bhaskar engineering college), BMC (Bhaskar medical college), etc, there are many students still exploring the sprawling campus. For few, a piece of green land surrounded by many trees, lots of shade and fresh air holds great. Some people look for isolated places to hang out with their boyfriend/girlfriend though! They are always on the look out for  those places that are not in the vicinity of lecturers or places that would not grab the attention of the HODs! While most of the boys are seen with their teams in the volleyball courts or the football or cricket grounds, few girls are seen scattered elsewhere. Few nerdy ones are found completing their notes, others eating out; few others cheering their classmates during matches, few in the sports room and the rest gossiping!

Another famous hotspot is the ‘Aunty Dabba‘, as it is called. This is a place where only guys are found. This is one place where they expect no one to see them and feel they are there because they think it’s a stress buster. While some feel they do it just to kill time, others fear it might as well turn into an addiction. Got the idea? Yes, it’s about people who just pop out for a fag. Boon or bane – it’s for them to decide!

Gurukul is one of the favorites of any student who bunks college and doesn’t want to travel long. This is located a few meters away from the JBIET campus and this is the place where bunches of friends come and have a blast at the mini amusement park. “Those rides in the park, though self driven, are amusing,” says Naveen. He thinks it is a perfect place to lay your stress off. Apart from the greenery, there’s a beautiful lotus temple. Also, different kinds of rides and a cafeteria makes their day out of campus!

The 'Green'land! Credit: Divya

The 'Green'land! Credit: Divya

Few kilometers away from college is the beautiful and picturesque Himayat sagar lake. Sreethi (name changed) says, “We got to know about this place in the strangest way from the stupidest person!” A group of students of first year had bunked and they were caught by one of the faculty members, while they were spending time in the canteen. He happened to be a C&DS lecturer (by the name Srikanth). He saw them, gave them a ferocious look and asked them to return to the class immediately. He was supposedly called the ‘psycho sir’ as he would shout at students for no reason! The students risked their lives and got into the class! To their surprise, he started lecturing them about the places to go when they bunk. He said, “Are you people so dumb? What’s there in the canteen that you die for? If you crave to bunk, go out of college and enjoy. There is this beautiful Himayat sagar lake. Go there you fools! When you do something, get the best out of it”. Everyone was flabbergasted! “With our jaws dropped, we digested what we had heard and moved out of the class immediately”, says Soujanya, a first year student.

These are some of the places that add life to college days than days to college life! They have some kind of magic in the environment that peps up even a depressed soul! So did you check out all those evoking places in your college? Then, what are you waiting for?

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