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‘Change is call of the hour’.

‘They preach and we listen; they make rules and we follow; they bend and we break’.

‘Not anymore’, said we and the call for a battle was made. Wonder who “they” are??? And what the battle is all about.

No guessing! It’s the college management and the battle is all about the problems the students face. Students complain asking for a change, asking for something they felt should be provided. A wide out cry among the students, who are suppressed for long time, is bouncing back now to the management, the time has come to answer us now.

Mobiles are Banned Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Mobiles are Banned Credits: Dynamic Warrior

What the students ask for is summarized in the following article, read on to know more:

Cell phones are the prime necessity of today’s youth; they can live without food and water but not without their cell phones. It’s a crime if someone even tries suggesting them to be taken away from them even for a short period of time. But as Imran says the surprise visits conducted by the Administrative Officer, which they call as raids, are the most terrible things, which could happen to any of us. Students are frisked and their bags are searched for mobile phone and later all the cell,s which are confiscated are taken to the Principal, and then the torture starts, i.e.  parents are summoned and even fine is levied with a promise that the cell will never be brought to college again. The students laughs off the promise and the saga continues, to be caught and fine to be paid.

What the students ask for is not only logical but more like a truce between the management and students. Ashok tells us that he has requested a lot of times to the college authorities to let them carry their cell phones to college and use them during lunch hours or in the ground and catch only those students, who use their cell phones in the classroom during the lectures or even in the corridors.

Book shelves are empty, so are the minds. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Book shelves are empty, so are the minds. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Now you must be thinking, cell phone issue was reasonable to accept but read on to see what irks the Aeronautical Students the most. We all have libraries at our colleges and they are said to be Heavens for the students, who like to read. Aren’t libraries supposed to be filled with books, atleast those, which are prescribed in the syllabus and few more to be referred by the brainy lot.

But especially for the students from Aeronautical 4th year, who happen to be the first batch in the college, the scenario could be stated in terms of Ganesh as the worst condition a student could possibly end up in. He says every semester they have to complain to the librarian and to the principal to get the books in the libraries and then only the books are ordered. It takes up at least half of their semester time or even sometimes the books arrive after the exams get over. The management has a standard reply to all, saying that the first batch has to suffer.

What the students ask for is likely the rarest thing to come across in an engineering college; they ask for books, so that they can study. Now the college should look into such critical problems and ensure that in the beginning of each semester they atleast have a copy of all the prescribed text books in the library, so that the students can get  the book issued and have the Xerox done atleast.

Restricted Freedom. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

Restricted Freedom. Credits: Dynamic Warrior

“‘All study and no play makes jack a dull boy’. Can someone place this saying in the head of the management?” This is what Sai, a basketball player of college team asks for. They have a sport rooms, equipment, ground and a sports faculty but what they don’t have is proper permission to use all these facilities. The sports room is locked till 3pm and only after which the students can draw the sport gears. It so happens that all the students from various branches and sections together end up asking for the sport gears at a time and many end up getting nothing to play with.

What Sharath suggests is to let the sports room be open all day so that one could go and recreate if one has a free class. Even the time table should be scheduled as in there are least number of clashes among the students to use the equipment/sport gears.

The misery of the students of CMEC doesn’t end up here. Their problems range more far and wide, to list a few more:

Abhishek a 4th year student, questions the college regarding the Industry Oriented tour which they were supposed to be taken to in the 3rd year, which never saw its fate. Let alone any educational tour or an industry based trip not even a picnic was organized. If only once every year the students be allowed or taken to a trip, the joy of being in final days of college would be more pleasant. Though Uma recollects being taken to one such trip, after lot of hassle with the management and still hopes for more such study oriented tours.

Shockingly the college hasn’t come up with any Annual Fest and the students from all the branches ECE, CSE, IT, Mech and ANE ask for a combined college fest. They keep on requesting the concerned authorities for funds to be allocated to such technical or cultural fests but all goes in vain as no such advances are made by the college management.

The only best way to end this article would be to ask the students to rise up and demand for what is rightfully theirs. The lack of campus placements, the misery of no books scenario and other such situations will only come to an end when students come together and pressurize the management to look into their problems and solve them one by one.

Let the battle be fought, rightfully and the victory shall be ours.

Remember always:

United we stand; Divided we fall!

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