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Heard of DNA Chips? Small glass wafers resembling computer chips, which have DNA on them instead of circuits. They can diagnose all the cancers at pentium speed using just some cells of human body! Could one ever imagine a single cell giving rise to the whole organ, which can be transplanted for the diseased one and cure many diseases?

Many of the MBBS students would have watched post-mortem videos on YoutubeTM. Is that the only way to do a post-mortem? No! There’s another amazing technology called ‘Virtual Autopsy’ through which the post-mortem can be done without cutting open the body and find out the cause of death in just about 15-20 mins. Medicines have become a part of our lives! But still, these double edged swords carry many side effects. How to develop drugs without or minimal side effects using Genomics?

All these latest technologies were briefed to the audience by the MBBS students of 2007 batch on the occasion of World Doctors’ Day on July 1st. The main theme of these seminars was ‘Expanding Horizons of Science and Technology‘. The topics under that :

  • ‘Emerging trends in lab diagnostics’ presented by Jalaja, Shashank, Arun, Rohit Tapadia.
  • ‘Virtual Autopsy’ presented by Kalyan, Pragna, Deepa and Jagannadh.
  • ‘Development of new drugs’ explained by Vivek, Ravi, Sudheer, Tejasvi and Yoshita.
  • ‘Stem cell technology’ put forth to the audience by Achyuth, Sai Sundeep, Raviteja, Pratyusha, Divya.

These student seminars were chaired by Dr. Saiprasad, HOD, Dept. of Community Medicine. Among the audience were HODs of all departments, Professors, PGs & UGs. Dr.Ramachandra, HOD of Dermatology; Murli Madhav, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine were the judges for the meet.

Jalaja, a 2007 batch student had the privilege of being the first speaker. 16 other speakers followed. Each speaker had to present within the allotted time of 5 minutes. Patient hearing of the students is worth mentioning. They constantly encouraged their colleagues. The entire auditorium broke into laughter when Sudheer started his presentation. “I am Sudheer, as you can see there”, innocently pointing onto the screen with his introductory slide. Though there were some hic-cups, the entire 2-hour session went on smoothly. The question hour followed. It seemed that the speakers had answers for almost everything. At the end of seminars, the audience gave a standing ovation to the speakers. Speaking on the occasion, Dr.Saiprasad exclaimed, “Wow! Fantastic, Simply fantastic. Your presentation depicts the volume of efforts put in it. Congratulations!” He then announced the results. Pratyusha, Ravi, Divya won first, second and the third prizes respectively.

Dr.Ramachandra, HOD Dept. of Dermatology & Vice – Principal (Academic) signed off the proceedings with an inspiring speech and applauded the student speakers for their efforts to put up such an impressive performance.

When inquired about the session, Abhijith of 2oo7 batch said, “I was a little pessimistic  about these seminars because these are entirely new topics but these guys were fantastic”. Lalith opined, “2 hrs of complete edutainment and this will be really useful for us”. This entire experience left the audience richer with info of the latest technologies and the speakers with loads of confidence. Though there wasn’t any loud music, partying, delicious food, invited celebrity to boast about, ‘Kamineni’ans celebrated Doctors’ Day knowing newer things so that they don’t loose pace with this fast moving world! A celebration of its own kind! A celebration of having the privilege of exploring the human body!

A Celebration of being a Doctor!

We work for the humanity. We love our profession.

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