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Having secured a rank above 5000 in EAMCET, a disappointed Sakshi was in the counseling hall thinking what was written in her destiny for the next four long years. The moment she entered the main hall, she noticed there was a seat in EEE in GRIET, a college standing 2nd under JNTU affiliated colleges. She did not hope to get in it as there were 3 more students ahead to choose their destiny like her. She finally was the lucky one to have got in GRIET. But was she really lucky?

It is obvious the management takes great pride in its state-of-the-art labs, well-equipped library and utterly spacious campus. But it is only after one becomes a part of it, one realizes that one has entered into some other world, which is weird in its own way! Academics are the sole important thing at GRIET, with everything else taking a distant second place. Much is determined here by how well you score in your tests and how consistent your academic record has been.

Amphitheatre. Credit: Schon Jianna

Amphitheatre. Credit: Schon Jianna

“It is indeed a co-ed college but it’s restricted only to class! I was so excited on the first day of my college but it vanished the moment I reached JNTU as I noticed girls and boys getting into two different buses. Boys and girls have separate canteens, they are separated while segregating into batches in doing lab experiments and all the lecturers give a stern look when a guy talks to a girl. This is the very meaning of co-ed in our college”, says a satiric Rakesh of second year CSE.  He recollects an incident in first year, when he was scolded by a professor when he just inquired a girl in his class whether she had by mistake taken his drafter.

“Come on yaar, our college is not as bad as it seems, we have quite a few co-curricular activities though it doesn’t hold the same importance as academics. We have Rythms, which is an inter-departmental dance and singing competition and Spirals, which is a cooking competition, which is not only famous among girls, but also among the boys, who show their creative side! This is where students interested in the performing arts have their shot at the spotlight”, says Janani from the IT department. She also mentions about the college magazine REFLECTIONS and an online newsletter GEMZ, where in students can drop in their thoughts and write articles, which are apart from their curriculum. She adds that these are a refreshing change in our daily routine and it is just that students are frustrated with the rules in college that they do not see the better part of it.

Buses lined up. Credit: Schon Jianna

Buses lined up. Credit: Schon Jianna

“All our buses start only at 5. The buses are not started before 5 even when they are fully packed. There is no other way to get back home for the people, who do not have own bikes or cars”, complains Varsha of Mechanical dept. She points out, “There is no sufficient number of class rooms for the students of all the years and that is the reason that all the years have different college timings, but the management explanation for this is that they do not want the seniors and juniors to meet so that there is no scope of ragging!”

“The students are prohibited from wearing T-shirts and jeans . So they are compelled to come in formals, with shoes on, with ID cards hanging around our necks. The reason they do this is so that we prepare ourselves to enter into the corporate world. This is sick man! Do we have to do this right from the first year? Isn’t it enough if we follow this at the interviews and after we are into a company?”, whines Siddharth, a final year student of the EEE department. He adds, “ Once we enter the college we have to stay there the whole day. Though we do not have the so called ‘open gate system’, we have managed to create a way to get out of here, which is still a secret and I wouldn’t reveal it here as it may reach the management”. He also has positive things to say about the college. He adds, “The staff in our college are experienced and help us in other fields of our interest which isn’t in our syllabus. The labs are well equipped and we have good number of lab assistants to guide us. We even have the Wi-Fi now. We have cricket ground and basket ball, volley ball and throw ball courts for recreation”.

Pragnya. Credit: Schon Jianna

Pragnya. Credit: Schon Jianna

“We have a soft skills program conducted for all the students of all the years, which has helped us to improve our communication skills. They have trained us on how to speak in a group discussion, how to write a resume and how to face personal interviews by conducting mock sessions. It was quite informative and helped us build up confidence. There were many aptitude tests conducted to assess our position”, says Kishore of BME department.

“Apart from all the rules and regulations, we have lot of other activities the students can actively take part. We have the National Technical Symposium PRAGNYA conducted every year which is well participated by many students of other colleges which brings out the innate talents and the creativity and helps in the overall development and we have a record of being a very good host. We also have the cultural fest of our college PULSE which is quite famous and awaited by all of us as we get to volunteer, publicize it by going to other colleges and organizing the events. It is at this time our college really seems like an Engineering college with all students and faculty almost with the same enthusiasm, completely busy and really working whole-heartedly and trying to make it a success. The other reason we all instantly agree to be a part of it is that we get attendance for all the classes we miss!” says Anusha from ECE department.

The night of pulse. Credit: Schon Jianna

The night of pulse. Credit: Schon Jianna

To sum it all up, GRIET is good for those, who are the studious type; interesting if one is a rebel (it is great fun breaking rules!) and a let down if one is the cultural or arts type.

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