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Kakateeya Park (Haritavanam), one of the most famous places in Habsiguda, was inaugurated on 26th January 1997 by Sri T. Devender Goud (honorable Minister for Revenue Relief and Rehabilitation). Dr. P Udaya Shekhara Rao is the president and Sri M Sreerama Murthy is the vice-president of Kakateeya Nagar Co-op Housing Society, who run the management of this park.

This place is for people of all ages. Kids come here to play; middle-age and old-age people come here to keep themselves fit and strong. Youngsters have a chance to spend most of their leisure time sitting and talking for hours here. This park is crowded almost all the time. There are 4 security guards, who take good care of the park. They move from one corner to the other to check the things happening.

Kids having fun. Credit: Priceless Aggression

Kids having fun. Credit: Priceless Aggression

One of the security guards, Rajutati shares about his duty schedule. “I have been working here since 2 years. I come at 5 am in the morning and stay till 9 am. In that time many people come for walking, jogging and yoga classes. The Maali (gardener) is in charge till 3 pm. I come back then and go at 9 pm.” When spoken to a senior citizen, Mr. Krishna Swami, retired from HAL retorts, “I have been in this locality since 30 years. I like this place a lot and haven’t moved from here. From when this park has opened I come for walking with my wife daily. The security guards are alert all the time and the place is clean and neat also”.

Walking Efforts. Credit: Priceless Aggression

Walking Efforts. Credit: Priceless Aggression

Free yoga classes are being conducted daily in the morning from 5-6 am. Many people attend these classes. “For middle aged people like us these classes are effective. The movements are mild and not so difficult for us do. I have attended almost all their batches”, contributes Mrs. Lalitha (house-wife). Mr. Vijay reveals, “I come for walking here daily for half an hour in the morning and evening. I really have peace of mind here, no pollution, no disturbance; I can remove all my frustration of work and home here”. Mr. and Mrs. Chary come here for walking in the night after dinner. They tell that there are days, when they came at 10 in the night also, they find the place safe.

It’s a very nice place for kids. There’s a separate place for them to play outdoor games like tennicoit, badminton etc. For people, who want to just relax there’s a separate place were kids are not allowed to play. Kishore, a student of Johnson Grammar School says, “ I come along with my friends here whenever I want to play. I climb the slides; play the see-saw, jhula, running race and many more games. I love this place and especially ice-creams, which are sold outside the park. The mango dolly is my favorite (umm)”.

Many parents come here along with their kids; they walk along the track and the kids play inside. One such parent, Mrs. Sucha tells, “I get my kids (one is 7 years and the other is 2 1/2 years) here mostly on the weekends. They like the camel ride that comes on Sundays and therefore enjoy a lot”.

Yummy ice-cream. Credit: Priceless Aggression

Yummy ice-cream. Credit: Priceless Aggression

There are two ice-cream stalls outside the park. One is the Scoops Company and the other one is Heritage; both are one of the finest companies so parents do not have any objection for buying their kids ice creams. There’s also a food stall beside were you get Curries, Sambar, Chapattis, Jawar ka rotis. Most of the bachelors get their dinner packed here. The food is just like homemade food so; many housewives, who are bored of cooking get their needing.  When the ice-cream seller was asked about his sales, he tells, “Ice-creams are everyone’s favorite. Kids, who come here to play buy ice-creams while going back”.

So, people searching for a place, where one can give time for just ‘oneself’, head straight to the second street of Habsiguda; drop by this park, get an ice-cream and enjoy. Have a good time and be happy.

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