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Folks tired of running around the Mythrivanam center in Ameerpet or the Paradise circle for eruditing the software skills, here is some soothing news. The Kukatpally Housing Board area is turning out to be a home of these software training institutes and Animation institutes in Hyderabad.

With the increasing demand and the pay scale for the software professionals not only in INDIA but also all over the world the GEN-Y are more prone to take up the software field as their career option. This has drastically increased the demand for these training institutes especially in Hyderabad (being a metropolitan city). Kukatpally area is now being piled up by a huge number of institutes of this sort. They offer a wide variety of courses pertaining to the software field of them C and C++ being the most basic and the common one’s amongst the students of the age groups of 16 to 20. Even though many of these languages are a part of the regular curriculum many students prefer to learn them early in their vacations utilizing their time. Apart from these common languages, the animation field, which now-a-days is creating ripples in the global market is widely being preferred by all sections apart from the student community due to the availability of the jobs not only in the nation but also in the global arena. As a result of this growing demand the training institutes have enormously developed in the past five years.

Various courses offered at the C.M.T.E.S institute;Credits:einstein reloaded

Various courses offered at the C.M.T.E.S Institute;Credits:Einstein Reloaded

Even though the subject they teach is the same in almost all of the institutes each of them follow their own curriculum and their own way of approaching the subject and teaching it. The time period taken to complete the prescribed syllabus is not the same and it varies from institute to institute. This decides the fee scale of different courses in each of these institutes. More the number of days they teach more the fee they charge. This also depends on the past record and the reputation of the institute. “The same course of  JAVA (core and advanced) is available at Rs.6,000 and Rs.1,200 in NIIT and Softcore technologies respectively”, says Shashidhar Kumar, a second year B.tech student. “This difference is just because we (the NIIT institute) provide a certificate from a premier software company ‘The Sun Micro Systems’, which is a globally acclaimed one and moreover it is a two and half month course, which as much as twice the others”, says Hrushikesh one of the faculty members of the NIIT institute. The certificates provided by the other institutes are not recognized by any organizations and are more or less a piece of paper.

Four students sharing a single computer

Four students sharing a single computer; Credits: Einstein Reloaded

Inspite of this most of the students prefer to join the ordinary institutes as the fee they charge is very low and mostly affordable by almost all the sections of the people. But some institutes maintain a very good faculty, who are experienced in the field of teaching and provide an exposure on the subject through their faculty. “The Aptech institute deserves far more than they charge with such a good set of teaching staff”, says Ashwini a student of  the  Aptech  Institute.

The pros and cons always go hand in hand. Here the drawback of these institutes is that they do not have a proper infrastructure with classes being conducted in rented apartments and with no proper seating for the students and proper teaching material. Above all this the computers provided to the students in the lab as a part of a practice session either do not work or they are not installed with a proper software. Therefore two to three students have to share a single computer. “Theory can be discuss but not a practical problem or a logic as it hinders our thinking and reasoning capabilities”, says Manoj a student of C.M.T.E.S.

A well fecilitated lab

A well fecilitated lab; Credit: Einstein Reloaded

On the whole irrespective of the institute each and every student is taking up such courses whatever may be the facilities they are provided with or not the validity of the certificate they get in various organizations.

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