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Go-Karting @ Runway-9

Rohit got onto his little vehicle and geared up for the challenge ahead while Rohan, who was already seated in his little monster,  was waiting to get started. Raunaq quickly moved behind the barrel on his right to escape Dipesh’s Laser shot. A few steps away, Mary had her adrenaline pumping as she was going to attempt rock climbing for the first time. Priyanka, shifting from left to right to keep the ping-pong ball on the table, wishes her good luck. Ankur looked up at the clear skies and steped forward to kick start his bungee trampoline adventure. Bharat and Roger [Name Changed] were totally immersed in their nerve-cracking game of foose ball. Surprised to read about sports and games of such contrasting nature inside the same premises? Well, don’t be, because Runway-9 is one such amazing place with a lot more to add to that list of objects of entertainment.

Situated along the National Highway-7, Runway-9, for nine and half years now, has been a major entertainment hub for F1 enthusiasts and adventure sport lovers. Starting midway through 1999, it started out with only its Go-Karting circuit. As the craze for zooming through on these lanes of the circuit began to catch up, the authorities at runway-9 began to expand.

The Laser Combat Arena Credit: Inverted Frequency

The Laser Combat Arena Credit: Inverted Frequency

Around 4 and half years later, they introduced a new game called The Laser Combat, which is more commonly known as the practical version of the very famous Computer LAN game called ‘Counter Strike’. After another two years, out came adventurous outdoor sports like Archery, Rock Climbing and shooting and then there was no stopping. Within the next two years, more and more games like, Bungee Trampoline, Snooker, Table Tennis and skating came into existence. To add a touch of fun and frolic to the already long list of games, they also introduced video games, air hockey and foose ball.

Ask about the crowds that come in, and Mr.T. Jaya Prakash, a Customer Service Associate (CSA) says proudly “Although we have designed this place keeping the interests’ of our youth in mind, we do have a lot of families pouring in during weekends. Kids enjoy playing air hockey and video games the most, while adults are mainly hooked to Go-Karting. Go-Karting is like the essence of Runway-9 with the other facilities complementing it very well”.

Gaining wide popularity as a place-of-entertainment and being compared to the likes of theme parks like Elles world and Mount Opera, Runway-9 began to attract humungous crowds each and every day.Last week we had a college re-union party and ended up in this place. Most of us were visiting it for the first time and it was an enthralling experience. I love the place for the variety it has in providing entertainment”, says Mr. Ashok [Name Changed], an Andhra Bank employee.

The F1 based Restaurant-cum-Pub Credit : Inverted Frequency

The F1 based Restaurant-cum-Pub Credit : Inverted Frequency

Apart from the entertainment factor, this place also has a restaurant-cum-pub, ‘The Chequered Flag’ with an F1 theme, which screens Formula One races. “I love the place. I come here almost every weekend. Nothing beats A group of friends, Good Food, Nice Drinks and Formula One. Every formula one fan(atic) has to visit this place and cheer for their favourite formula one hero from here. It really is an awesome experience”, says Karthik.

A meager entry fee of Rs.25 and very reasonable and affordable fares per games adds to the goodwill of this place.When asked about the low fares, Mr. Jaya Prakash said, “At Runway-9, we look to have more and more customers. We have a huge pool of games and sports and as the management we’d love to see each one of them giving us our revenue, but at the same time satisfying the customers. We don’t believe in extorting huge amounts in the name of entertainment. Those who know the value of entertainment will surely know how to price it. We, at runway-9 believe we’ve done a pretty decent job with the pricing”.

The hot favourite at Runway-9, ‘Go-Karting’ is priced at just Rs.175 per head for 4 laps around their circuit.The team based game ‘Laser Combat’ is priced at Rs.125 per head. While the likes of Rock Climbing, Archery and Shooting are priced Rs.50 and a little lesser than that, Snooker and Skating are priced at Rs.100 per hour per head and Rs.60 per hour per head.

Runway-9 :The Logo Credit : Inverted Frequency

Runway-9 :The Logo Credit : Inverted Frequency

Apart from providing entertainment and fun at such affordable prices, Runway-9 has also sponsored many events like college fests and New Year Parties. When asked about it, Mr. Jaya Prakash informed us that they have sponsored a handful of college fests by giving away free ride coupons, which in turn helped them attract more youngsters. “Last year on 31st December, I was at this place with my friends and family and the party was a complete blast. I’m sure I’ll end up here this year as well, with a bigger group”, says Adam [Name Changed] , a regular at runway-9. With the tag line ‘Family Fun’, Runway-9 has come a long to establish itself as a complete package of entertainment. Ask the regulars and they’ll give you the reasons for it and for those, who haven’t been to the place yet, start making weekend plans. It isn’t too late as yet.

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