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School days are the best part of any person’s life. The innocence, the frivolous fights with friends, the sharing of lunch boxes, the umpteen attempts to impress the teacher and be the teacher’s pet, the first crush, the week long waiting for a single P.T. class, the tension about scoring less marks; everything related to school life is enduring and truly sweet. But once out of school it’s hard to revive those events as everyone gets engaged with their own responsibilities, trying to shape their careers or taking up family obligations.

The only way to relive all those memorable days is a ‘REUNION’. “I would be meeting all my class mates after four years. I am actually falling short of words to express my joy. The feeling is just heavenly”, says Anirudh Madabushi, a second year student of Osmania medical college, who is anxiously waiting for his school reunion. “Everyone must have changed so much na? I wonder if I can figure out the names of a few of them. I hope I won’t make a fool of myself”, he adds with an animated expression.

Back to School? (not as a student though!) Credit:Audacious Explorer

Back to School? (not as a student though!) Credit:Audacious Explorer

For a few of them, reunions are a chance to show their old friends how much they’ve progressed in life  while for others it’s a lovely way to recollect all those good old days but for a  bunch of others it is ‘Bull Shit!’. “What do you expect us to do? Sit and gossip about teachers from school or talk about how we got punished? And of course if it’s about meeting so called old friends, if they are good friends they will always be in touch and as for the others I don’t really care”, says Tejaswi, a student pursuing engineering in the US, on being asked if he would be a part of the reunion. Contrasting Tejaswi’s opinion his friend Shruthi says, “He is crazy. Reunions are a great source to get in touch with people you have grown up with. I am going to carry all my photo albums of school days so that me and my friends can have a hearty laugh looking at them and recalling what all we did”. For few others like Anusha it’s a chance to get rid of their old titles and tags, “I am waiting so badly for it. I was called ‘Moti’ in school and was always the laughing stock. Now that I have lost oodles of weight I just want to be flooded with compliments and the considerable aspect for me would be to look at their shocked faces with pride”, says a very excited Anusha.

But what exactly do people do in a reunion? “OMG! We had so much fun. We had our reunion in a place called café latte. The best part was so many people turned up and we got to catch up with what’s happening with every ones lives and how many hurdles they had to cross after school life. We even got to play Truth and Dare and we got to know so many ‘Hard to Believe’ realities and got to see some exciting acts and of course the food was savory!” says Abhinav Yata, an engineering student, about his experience. And what’s the best time to hold a reunion? “Since most of the students are scattered in different geographical areas to meet with their educational needs, May or June would be the most ideal months since that is the time most of them would be having vacations and school premises would be the optimum place for the reunion as you can literally relive all those old days”, says Gunasheel, ex student of D.A.V Public School, the students of which had a recent reunion.

All Smiles at a Reunion. Credit:Audacious Explorer

All Smiles at a Reunion. Credit:Audacious Explorer

Not to forget, targeting teachers is an inevitable part of the reunions. “That bloody Kamal sir and his crazy physics. The way he would torture me.Buh! If I came across him anytime now I wouldn’t mind abusing him directly”, says a totally animated Vamsi Krishna when reminded about his teachers. But rather than just cracking lame jokes and hating them for all wrong reasons, what most us forget is that it is only because of their love and concern we have grown from ‘nothings’ to ‘somethings’.

Totally refreshing and really beautiful school reunions definitely are like a lease of fresh air from the routine life of any college student. “It’s definitely one of the best days of my life. I found it more entertaining than my college fest. How I wish we had them more often but the fact is they are beautiful because they are rare and special in true sense”, adds Venkat Reddy, another engineering student.

Years pass by but memories are forever. People come and go but dear ones are always close to the heart. Hoping that everyone is now awaiting to meet their lost friends and have a great time. Have a blast. HAPPY REUNION.

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