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“A Joint a day keeps despair, dejection and denial away”, says Hari, (name changed) a student living at a hostel in Langerhouse. “Garam hona bhayya”, is all you need to say to get a pack of weed in twin cities within a span of 30 minutes. There are numerous drugs being circulated this very moment in your very own vicinity. Drugs like Cocaine are used comparatively scarcely due to their high price and the label of hard drug attached to them. The very accessible and so called ‘not so damaging’ drug among the lot is ‘weed’. It’s the most freely available pleasure magnet. Pubs have become hubs of distributing drugs and places like Dhoolpet have earned recognition for activities less talked about.

The Joints (Marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking) have gained a cult following to such an extent that they are labeled cool and the numerous facts pointing out that it is less damaging than cigarettes only adds to this weed mania! Hard drugs are for psychos, booze and cigarettes are passé is what Hyderabadi potheads feel.

langerhouse: pot is sold openly here! credit:insouciant procrastinator

Langerhouse: Pot is sold openly here! Credit: Insouciant Procrastinator

Smoking a Joint is by far the most famous stress buster among the Hyderabadis. Hasish or charas can be chewed or smoked for a better ‘kick’ and a little less potent than weed is ganja. Bhang, which is famous during the time of Holi is the least potent of them all. They are openly available in denominations of 50, 100 and 500 at PVS paan mahal in Paradise (Secundrabad) and at Dimmy’s paan palace in Sindhi colony. Langer house, which already has 7 wine spots, has become the hub of these drugs. This place mainly has hostels, where many of the engineering students reside and this trade is hence a flourishing business here. The Sitaphal mandi area targets the OU students and the local workers. The quality has a price attached to it, the highly priced ‘goa maal’ and ‘bullet maal’ are the best examples proving this point.

There are a whole range of potheads in the city. Auto, taxi and lorry drivers relieve their day-to-day stress with these joints. The people working for MNCs use it to relieve themselves of their work related tension. The wealthy bunch just for recreation and the party animals loosen up for a party with a Reefer (a slang for a Joint). Students sure have interesting reasons for picking up this habit.

emotional atyachar ! credit: insouciant procrastinator

Emotional Atyachar. Credit: Insouciant Procrastinator

“I was already smoking and I didn’t want to feel left out. Moreover tobacco is said to be more dangerous yet it is legal”, says Prasad (name changed) a final year student from Hitech Engineering College. The glamour quotient being added to this whole scenario goes way back in time. Zeenath Aman’s  ‘Dum maro dum‘ to the ‘Emotional Atyachar’ of Dev-D, the protagonists in films have always looked cool taking drugs and of course dancing follows. Describing the feel that one gets smoking a joint, Nirmal quotes a famous song of a Pawan Kalyan’s movie. He says, “It feels like floating in air, every inch of your body gets numb and Pink Floyd adds to this experience!”. Moreover, Beetles have done pot and so have Nirvana.

The much talked about less side, bad effects of weed are glorified pieces of fiction. The fact that it is as deteriorating as tobacco is a minor damage quotient compared to its other side effects. Increased levels of anxiety, loss of memory, decreased learning capability, increased mood swings are few of the many traits one gains upon smoking pot. One of the many interesting side effects is the appetite one gains after a session. “He definitely ate inappropriate to his size”, disclaims Raju talking about the frail boy Suman, who managed to gorge the food cooked for 5 of his roommates.

These defiling facts have no effect on the habits of pot smokers. There are several reasons to stop smoking joints, which are mildly visible to those using them. Few of them insist that those, who don’t smoke weed are the ones missing out on the experience of a lifetime. There are really many experiences one ought to have in life and living life without making pot the backbone for smoother living is one of them. If a sober person with minimum sense has a say on all this, it would definitely and a bit roughly interpret to “stop smoking pot and go get a life!”

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