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Discipline is one of the most important prerequisites, above all else, necessary for academic success. Academic excellence goes hand in hand with discipline. Ultimately to obtain at least a good degree is always said to be the passport to a successful career in our present day context. Without discipline, one would not set time and give priority to study, putting all else aside, even though other activities may seem more enticing and interesting.

A few students of the city shares their thoughts and the advantages they get with the help of  academic life. Sarika, a student of Bhavans says, “Spending time with Like-Minded Individuals is the greatest advantage of an academic life. If we decide to spend our lives dedicated to study, we will certainly meet others, who share our passion for learning, research, and sharing this information with others. Spending many months and years learning about the minutiae of specific subject matter and conveying this to other academics takes a particular type of person, so it is good to share time and space with people who have a shared passion for this type of lifestyle.

students involved in cocurricular activities. credit:Vigilant knight

Students involved in co-curricular activities. Credit: Vigilant Knight

Teaching others is the best way you can help people around you. Spreading the knowledge that we have picked up along the way is another excellent advantage of spending our lives dedicated to academics. College develops in student co curricular activities such as pottery, glass painting, and personality development, planting plants, interior decoration, handicrafts and et cetera, which solidify our knowledge in various fields”.

Tanu, B-tech fresher from CBTV says, “Academic life these  days is becoming boring without any enthusiasm. It should have fun a kind of interaction but I think these universities are imposing a lot of pressure on the students; be it examination or the results. A student, who has written exam well will  not be confident whether he / she will pass or not hence the system of evaluation is a full gamble discouraging the students. It has become materialistic with no quality teachers”.

“With the help of education we get a platform, where we can experience several advancements in the fields of study and be aware of what is happening in and around us, the main objective of education is to develop critical thinking skills, to empower students with social skills to bring about personality development and we can develop a team work so that all individuals work towards the enhancement of the society, the nation and the world as whole. The advantage is that we can develop our own style by working with and learning from others, who are dedicated to their field of study, this style can manifest itself in methods, research, writing style, or any other variety of ways”, says Meenakshi Soni, a student of GNITS.

Anaida a student of CBTV says, “Academic life is defined as the best and the most important part of ones life. It’s the turning point of an individual’s life, to sound cliché as our elders do, ‘If we work hard these few years of our lives then we can secure and enjoy the rest of our life’. Its true up to some extent but the college life should not be just with books it should instead focus more on the overall personality development because that’s the right time to explore different aspects of an individual. No one wants to be geeks in future, so academic life should be a perfect balance of hard work, enjoyment, commitment, maturity and masti!

A student giving a seminar. credit:vigilant knight

A student giving a seminar. Credit: Vigilant Knight

The Principal of  a college says, “Education is for livelihood, for learning and for moral enrichment develops intellectual and spiritual aspects of an individuals life. At this point, I would like to acknowledge that there are two types of students: one, who is bright by nature and the other, who is average intellectually. Others would normally identify the brighter ones at a young age, as one, who would be able to go far academically. However, I have come to realize that though the former may have an academic advantage over the average ones, as they tend to understand concepts taught faster, yet without maturity and personal responsibility, discipline and hard work, they could also lack behind those with these qualities. Therefore being average does not necessarily mean you would lose out for sure. You would not lose as long as you do not surrender and continue to fight the battle till the very end”.

Not having the mentioned qualities does not mean one would never have them forever. It just requires one to self-realize that he/she is lacking in such qualities. With self-realization, deliberate actions can be taken to claim back the lost grades and time wasted in the past. It is never too late, irregardless of one’s age when he starts to realize the importance of academic pursuit. Academic excellence awards makes teaching and learning process more meaningful. It’s a point that being in a favorable environment that will spur one to study, is important. The type of people one mixes around and hangs out with determines the type of person to a certain extent. Birds of the same feathers flock together. Somehow, a student, who is not motivated and disinterested in his/her studies would also influence peers around him/her. Therefore, it is equally important that one hangs out with the right kind of friends, who can positively influence than to pull one down academically.

While many others out there, who earn their degree are able to flourish with the knowledge they acquire, our knowledge continues to grow and expand. Being part of the world of academia means that one has to have the potential to be on the cutting edge of what is being taught, studied and discovered as a result. Lifelong learning is one of the many fringe benefits of living an academic life.

Most of all – Have fun! Take it all in and know that experiences are shaping the person that one will become.

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