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If shopping is an art, then shopping during sales is a kind of mastery, which can only be connoted through excessive indulgence. Whenever wallets run dry or when one gets sick of tightening belts, the word ’sale’ rushes up an instant blithe spirit pouring smiles again!

It was when shopping became no shopping, Hannah yelled at Vishesh for pestering her to hurry up while she was busy trying to choose the best of those new wardrobe assembles. Since the forlorn gates of college are to open and ever since its been raining sales in and out. But to shop or not? To buy or not? To check out or not? Every other store has got clearance sales, but where to go and where not to?

1. The first and the foremost thing is to choose the person to go shopping with. Apparently, a couple that walks into a mall doesn’t come out happy. So make sure to be with your same sex buddies, who must almost match your shopping interests. As Hannah recalls, “I’m never going out shopping with my guy again, it just infuriates me when someone keeps bugging me to get done with it. I guess guys just don’t have the patience to wait!” Also going with a bunch of friends might make the ‘buy 2, get one free’ scheme possible.

2. People, who don’t have the time, forget leisure shopping. It works out well only if there’s ample time to hop around. Otherwise the consequences could worsen and one might as well loose one’s cool from just an hour of shopping in a crowded mall.

Whether to buy or not

Whether to buy or not. Credit: Screed Hauteur

3. Planning always made things easier! Explore: Selecting the place and beginning to tour all the stores in there might have shoppers acquainted with the variety and pricing upon which one can appropriately spend. Ashwini Thihir, a twenty-year old was seen at Shopper’s Stop, soon she was spotted at LifeStyle and yet again she was busy bustling with clothes elsewhere. They’re all doing it!

4.Spare the out-dated-fashion apparel even its dime a dozen.

5.”Sales? Making people fools since 1988!” divulges Suharsh Raj, a fourth year student of MVSR. “Increasing the prices and then sticking attractive discount tags might seem like a cheap marketing gimmick but there still are morons who’re slave to this.”

6.The worst part about sales is the discounted old stock that out on display while the new, bewitching stock lies untouched and magnetic. Searching, picking the right out of the messy, cluttered stock dumped carelessly is for those we-can-still-work-it-through types. “I went to Mochi yesterday, I didn’t like anything there, infact my eyes wee towards the right, where all the no-discount footwear was on display. Finally I ended up buying it”, says Nikita, a student of St.Mary’s Degree college.

Messy: Discounted stock at Mochi, Begumpet

Messy: Discounted stock at Mochi, Begumpet. Credit: Screed Hauteur

7.Sometimes, as a part of their yearly clearance sale, great stuff is in for flat discounts, that is when you get all lucky as it goes real smooth on the pocketbook. The manager at Peter England People remarks, “This sale is a part of our one-year celebration. Also, it will be extended until the stock gets cleared; upon which new stock might arrive”.

8. “Buy what you need!” Unnecessary junk, even if low-priced might just end up being useless. “Once I stepped outta the mall, I’d realized that I’ve bought everything that was worth buying; Lots of discount, who knows it might get over soon. But it left me wondering whether I needed them or not!” recalls Priya Rao, a nineteen year old.

9. Warning: Clothes bought without any trial is risky as no discount was ever involved with exchange . Infact, they never made anybody happy after going home!

Its raining 'sale' everywhere

Its raining 'sale' everywhere. Credit: Screed Hauteur

10.Shopping is addictive. Oh Yes! Going about just one, could make people crave for more! “I love shopping and the word sale itself drives me to endless excitement. Hence I make sure, I never miss out on them”, adds Nikita.

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