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Another year has passed by, with a sense of pride among the juniors that they will soon have that dignity of being called a ’senior’. Students discuss how they will rag their juniors. Thinking of innovative tricks, the to-be-seniors want to prove that, now ‘it’s our time to boss around!’. Some of the students talk about how situations forced them to join the college and whether they regret or rejoice the decision they made. We queried the present batch about what made them join KMIT (Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology), what  the management promised and if it has fulfilled the promises and most importantly, if  they regret or rejoice their decision.

Harsha, an aspirant of IIT, was forced to join this college. He describes the entire scenario in detail. “It was about this time last year that I was totally depressed. I couldn’t get into the college I wished for (IIT). I was not ready to join any where except an IIT.  Since I couldn’t get into it, my dad asked me to take admission into KMIT. The simplest reason and a strong reason for him being, the proximity of the college to our home. Dad gave me no other choice but to join this college. He told me, as the college is near by, I could even study for my IIT entrance and attempt the JEE  in the next year. We then came to see the college. It didn’t make things any better because the campus was not that awesome. The grounds were empty and barren lands of sand. Only the first year block and the greenery around was attractive.”

The miniature college ground. redit, Coherent Cody

The miniature college ground. redit, Coherent Cody

He continues, ” I never had an option but to join here. The beginning was tough. As the days passed by, the fear I had in my heart slowly started converting into my strength and confidence. The lecturers were very good. The director was one man everyone looked up to.  The college management took a good number of steps for the development of students and to create ‘engineers’. They re-defined the term ‘engineering’. I am happy that I am a part of such a wonderful college. I am confident and sure that with the training I receive, I will compete and stand out even in the present economic slow down”.

Another student, Anusha, a fantastic artist says, “I never wanted to do engineering. I always knew that my interest was something artistic. I wanted to become a painter but my parents never listened. They came to know about this college KMIT and they kept on brain washing me. I took admission in here. I was sure that my artistic side would have an end here. I was so upset about these things. I then came to know about Narendra Rai, who is a well known professional painter and then joined his classes that are held in the college premises. I learnt a lot; the exposure was wide. I now handle and manage all the inter college competitions. This is engineering for me. Classes go on smooth, I live in a creative world of my own. This is what I always wanted to have”.

The reply to the question – ‘Do you regret or rejoice the decision you made at this point of time the last year?’ by every student was a strong ‘I rejoice’.  Students in KMIT have a variety of options. It is not only the academic perspective that makes the college a favorite but there are other activities as well, which go on on a regular basis. Students, who think engineering is all about bunking, movies and enjoyment are allowed to do so because attendance is not a problem for them. But it comes at a cost of  getting  failed in lab by the college. Surprisingly, there are students, who wish to choose that option. KMIT evening is a regular event that pops up in about 3 months. Different quizzes, elocution, debates, presentations are held. The sports area is now being developed.

“The best thing about the college is that it has the Indian culture and tradition deep rooted in it. It allows us to celebrate many of the festivals in the college. Its a great fun and zeal to come to college on a festive day. Last year, we had organised and arranged the ‘Patang Utsav‘. It was a big hit. The whole day couldn’t be a more fun than that as we enjoyed it with our friends. There are a lot more other cultural activities that keep the year relaxing”, Akhil tells us.

The KMIT Website. Credit: http://www.kmit.in

The KMIT Website. Credit: http://www.kmit.in

We then asked, “Is the college really as good as the students consider it to be?” Bhavik then replies cleverly saying, “Tell me which college doesn’t have flaws and loop holes? We, as KMITians are not in that crowd of lay students, who keep whining and blaming the college management for every damn thing. It is like the people of this country, who keep blaming the dirty politics, the filthy government but never as citizens think that it is their duty to change things around them, after all democracy dude. Yeh Youngistan hain, meri jaan. Every problem that we face in the college is first discussed among students. We chalk out plans and then the soft copy of the problem and its possible solutions is presented to our Director and Principal. This attitude has changed the world of KMIT”.

Freshers, who already joined the college and who might be in a chaos whether to join KMIT or not, can hopefully take a right decision by joining the college, for their all round personality development. The college has got quite a good response from the students and has also been doing well at academics. The director, Mr. Neil Gogtey,  owns the famous companies, Genesis solutions and Telepad. He gives the surety of placements. Over all, students are very happy to be a part of this integrated college and they say, it’s a part and parcel of their home now.  More information about the where and how-abouts of the college can be retrieved on the official website, http://www.kmit.in.

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