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On the 13th of July, the weather had a very slight gleam of sunshine and when it seemed as if it was going to rain hard, an incident very uncanny of its composition occurred. A loud scream went past through the main building of Bharat Institute Of Engineering And Technology (BIET), where the EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) department is located. The head of the  EEE department, Mr.Dhanwantri, cried out for help. “Call the ambulance immediately, don’t delay it any further. A faculty has been electrocuted very badly. There could be nothing worse than this. I really cannot afford for this to happen in my department!” Neither the working staff nor the students of the department had ever seen the HOD in such a panic.

The department of EEE. Credit: Painless Predator

The department of EEE. Credit: Painless Predator

All the chaos seemed justified as a faculty member of the EEE department, Mrs.Latha, had it very tough when she was pounded with a severe electric shock while she was operating one of the outdated devices. Many other faculty members tried to fabricate this issue by saying that it was just a ‘connection’ mishap, but the actual reason behind this is – an Amplifier Box had burst quite loudly. “Latha madam instantly fainted. The intensity of the shock was so high that she was shivering and was in an unconscious state for quite sometime”, said Muthyalu, the lab attender.

Some of the students, who were present at the site of the incident had mixed reactions. A group of  Biotech students seemed quite relaxed and relieved. “Latha ma’am never gave us proper marks in the internals. So we are happy that we can at least score better now.” Another bunch of EEE students seemed more concerned and wished that their ‘favourite’ Latha ma’am would recover soon.

Mrs.Latha being carried away into the ambulance. Credit: Painless Predator

Mrs.Latha being carried away into the ambulance. Credit: Painless Predator

Meanwhile, the city’s fastest ambulance service ‘108′ reached the college campus within 10 minutes after the incident. As the ambulance reached the main building, one more round of hapless panic broke out when Mrs.Latha was taken from one place to another in a haste before eventually making her lie down on the stretcher. Soon after the ambulance left the college premises, there was still a feeling of ‘disbelief’ in the air and everyone including the students and the faculty began their analysis on ‘who to blame’. On witnessing all this, Rahul, a student of  IT says, “We normally come across many serious accidents in our college like a ‘student getting injured in sports’ or somebody ‘food poisoned due to canteen’s food’ but this incident, which we witnessed today is a very strange one”.

When asked to the HOD of EEE on what could probably be the reasons of the ‘amplifier bursting’ amidst an experiment in process, Mr.Dhanwantri  tried to be as diplomatic as he could. “It’s no one’s fault. The faculty might have made some wrong connections to the device and such things happen”, said the HOD. But the students of EEE however disagree. One of the says, “Most of the equipments in the labs are outdated and age old. They don’t even function sometimes, so we can’t really blame the faculty herself for the alleged ‘mis-handling’ of the device”.

The state of outdated labs. Credit: Painless Predator

The state of outdated labs. Credit: Painless Predator

The infrastructure, these days is becoming a ‘meaty’ issue in most professional colleges. In spite of shelling out whooping donations, the fact that the students are told to deal with such incompetent and malfunction prone instruments, which rarely work, indicates the sad state of affairs. The utter negligence of such significant areas in education can threaten the lives of the working staff, the faculty and most importantly the students.

Mrs.Latha is expected to be back to work in the start of August. Lets all hope that she, along with thousands under similar threats get to operate with ‘safer’ and ‘working’ devices in the future.

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