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A new bakery just outside the gates of St. Martin’s Engineering College has given the students a perfect hangout place for bunking! The new unnamed bakery cum gym cum pool parlor, situated just next to the gate, opens as early as 6am in the morning for gymming purposes. It then opens its bakery at around 9am, just as the college starts its day. The bakery also has a room for snooker and pool but is not yet thrown open for customers. The bakery has all the baked items like: puffs, chips etc. and it also does have other snacks and drinks.

The management is of course worried about students bunking their classes and hanging out in the bakery. Mr.Venkat, a faculty of ECE comments, “The number of students visiting the bakery is more than the number in college on some particular days”. The management says, “Now that the bakery is open, the students, who come late will just go there and spend their time and from there they will just go home. This is so intolerable.”

The previous hangout spots for St. Martinians were either the ‘pan dabba’ beside the bus stop or a snooker parlor just a few yards from the college. Sandeep, a student of CSE says, “We now have a better place to hangout, I am happy about that”. The interesting part now is to see if the next ‘in’ thing is the infamous cine planet or the next door bakery, that will attract the students. To this question Rahul comments, “Well we go to cine planet with a plan for a movie and we would come here to ease our boredom”. Vijay from ECE says, “Cine Planet will be our choice for larger parties, but this bakery will remain our hangout for small get together and meetings”.

Talking about the gym, Harish from Bio-tech, who is also a fitness freak says, “Well now I can finish both college and my daily gym from here and get back home”. This is also supported by many students of the college. The gym in here is a full fledged one with all the required equipments for exercising made available. The gym is said to have timings starting from 6:00am in the morning and extends till late in the evening. Sandeep from CSE says, “Now I can stay fit! I can also bunk my classes and go to the gym, which is a stone’s throw from my college to relieve all my stress by exercising”. It is also a noteable fact that the college also provides a gym to its students. To this Vijay says, “The gym in the college is adequately equipped but the timings are a problem for us and also we can’t bunk and go to the gym. There is always a chance of being caught and sent back to class”.

Another major attraction for the students is the pool parlor in the same place. It is not yet open to all, but the owner says he will open it very soon. Venkat is very excited and he says, “Though we already have one a few yards away, it is a pride for us to have one just next to our college”. The pool table has a lot of takers when it comes to students of engineering. The students are very excited and eagerly waiting for the parlor to open. Charan from ECE says, “Now I can try my hand on this too whenever I have time”.

The management is concerned about the amount of the Martinians’ attention drawn by this bakery. It is being conveyed in many ways that in no way they appreciate the upcoming of this bakery. They have taken many steps to discourage students from bunking their classes. The likes being: The gates will remain closed for students after the college starts at 9:00 am. The students will be allowed to go out only after college hours else they will need the permission slip from their respective HODs. Also the students will not be allowed inside during their first hour if they come late. These where stated by Kiran a student of CSE in the college. It is also expected by the students that the management will be very strict this time in the case of attendance. Anusha feels, “Attendance will be taken serious, because the management will try to curb the students from bunking classes and going out to this place”.

The upcoming of this new bakery has created a new wave of happiness among the students of St.Martin’s as seen from the rush it has even during the working hours of the college. Though it has created concerns at the management side, the students have been very happy as this comes new unnamed bakery comes with a bundle of things, which they all enjoy. Hail the food, gym and the pool!

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