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Established in the year 2004, Murthy Institute of Technology and Sciences (MITS) offers hundred and twenty (120) admissions into the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) and Sixty (60) admissions into the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Electrifying and energetic branch of Murthy Institute of Technology and Sciences is the ECE branch. The branch is very well known for academic and cultural activities happening in and around  the college. Pravallika, a student of third year ECE says, “I really feel proud to be an ECEian”. Sainath says, “Though my choice of selecting ECE is purely coincidental, I feel happy to be a part of such a good branch”. Many of the ECEians say that their choice is based only on the fact that the branch is ever-green and has opportunities on a large scale. Srikant, HOD of the department says, “The best branch in the college taking all terms into account is ECE and these words can never be taken back”.

Labs for the Electronics and Communications department are good and satisfactory. Special care is taken in labs like E-cad and Microprocessors. “Lab technicians are very helpful and very caring”, says Kalyan, a student of third year ECE. Vaishali, assistant professor of ECE department says, “ECE department has the best labs in Murthy Institute of Technology and Sciences”. However, students of ECE branch are not satisfied with the existing labs in the college. Shravan, a student of ECE branch says, “The labs are OK but they still need to be improvised”. Students of the college are angry on the issue of wearing formals to the labs. Sainath says, “I don’t like wearing this shit formal wear to college and mainly to lab”.

Balu Mahesh, a student of third year ECE says, “The college has good faculty but the problem is that, they are not well experienced”. Pavani, Pramila, Aishwarya (back bench girls) of ECE 3rd year say, “Faculty are average and labs are above average”. Most of the students say the head of the department is very caring and helpful to the students. Kiranmai (name changed), a student of third year says, “I like the HOD because he is smart to look at and very decent when he talks”. College also has good library facilities for the ECE department. Different volumes of books and leading technical magazines like ‘Electronics for U’, ‘Circuits for U’ are available in the college library. Students of ECE have given many paper presentations and projected their ideas at various college fests and symposiums. ‘Bulls of ECE’ (Chaitanya, Kalyan and Sarath) participated in the Parikaran competition held at Kakatiya Institute and hoisted MITS flag on top.

Electrical and Electronics department is very well known in the college for academic activities. The branch stood first for two consecutive semesters in the college. EEE branch is also known for the sports persons in the college. Suresh, a student of fourth year won many awards for the college in cricket. HOD for both electrical and electronics departments is one and the same. The students of EEE department are satisfied with the present faculty. Raviteja, a student of third year EEE says, ”I just love my branch though some subjects are tough to understand. The very word that I belong to EEE really excites me”.

Both faculty and students expressed a feeling of dissatisfaction on the labs. Nachiketh says, “On a scale of ten, I would rate our labs at six”. Thus, it can be widely said that the labs of these departments are fine but not up to the mark.

Sports activities and co-curricular activities are very vibrant in the branch. Champ of control systems, Padmanabham sir says, “I would say EEE is the best branch in the college because I belong to that particular branch (hahahah)”. Students of Electrical and Electronics department are very friendly and helpful in the activities related to college. Bharath says, “EEE has very good faculty and the faculty takes all the care required to complete the portion on time”. Srikanth, head of the department says, “The management is taking required steps to provide more efficient labs both in quality as well as quantity to the students”. Examination cell is also taking sufficient care in providing the students with the right information at right time.

EEE department also has good volumes of books, available in the college library. Both local and international volumes are available in the department. Different students of the department participate in various campus programmes. Special care is taken by the faculty and management in designing the future of MITians. Special attention is paid by the faculty in guiding students in their future studies and projects. Principal Dr. Appalanaidu garu is very particular about students’ career and prosperity in life. Dr. Appalanaidu garu has made several efforts in bringing opportunities to the students from various organizations for their future studies and project activities.

On an overview, Murthy Institute Of Technology and Sciences provides a good base to the students joining the institute. As the saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” The student has to get his mind set for the big picture – Engineering.

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