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MJCET has a five day week for all batches of students except for the first years. It being a holiday on 18th July, all the fourth year students were taken to visit the amazing Infosys campus at Gachibowli as a corporate tour. Firstly, the students were in a whining and nagging mood as they were informed to report to college by 7. 30 am., because the departure time was 7.45 am. With half asleep brains and drowsy expressions, almost all the final year students reached college by the informed time. The college management had rented out about 5 buses for transportation.

The faculty accompanying were Mr. Arun Chandra, the head of placements at MJCET, along with Mr. Ismail and Mr.Hafeez, lecturers at the EED department, Ms.Gauri Patil and Mr.Gafoor from the CSE department and a few others. The first and the most unwanted condition the students encountered was that the boys and the girls were segregated and were asked to sit in separate buses. With a frown the journey started at about 8.00 am. And the students reached the Infosys campus by 8.30 am.

One of the blocks, where the students were taken for seminar. Credits: Ink Fairy

One of the blocks, where the students were taken for seminar. Credits: Ink Fairy

To their surprise, they found out that they were not the only college that day visiting the campus. Srinidhi Institute of Technology, MVSR were among the other colleges, who tagged along with them. The students were checked for the ID and were permitted inside the gigantic 50 acre Infosys Hyderabad campus.

The students were absolutely mesmerized by the look of the campus that had long green lawns stretching away for quite a length and huge buildings. The first few minutes the students felt as if they were in another world. Each college was then divided into 4 to 5 groups as per strength and each group was sent into separate seminar halls situated in one of the 20 buildings on campus such that three or more colleges were together in one seminar hall.

Each hall was well equipped and about 160 students were accommodated in each hall with three Infosys executives. They briefed the students about ‘Finacle’, which is a universal core banking solution used across 62 countries around the globe. Banks like ICICI Bank, ABN Amro Bank, Emirates Bank, Arab National Bank, BBVA and Zurich Financial Services use this software. All the students were very much inspired by this. This explanation about finacle served as an inspiration to the students for the later activity in store for them. The students were divided into group of 15 each and were given a stipulated time of 30 minutes in which, they were asked to design a plan for a college fest or an industrial tour or were asked to do a technical case study. At the end of 30minutes the students were given a 10minute refreshment break with coffee, tea and biscuits.

The food court is in the blue building in the picture. Credits: Ink Fairy

The food court is in the blue building in the picture. Credits: Ink Fairy

After the break each team were asked to deligate their plan to the audience and the Infosys executives who served as judges. At the end of the presentation there was a query session, which ended up being very argumentative because everyone wanted to prove that they were right or the other person was wrong. Interestingly, what was observed is that, each team had a completely different idea and implementation process compared to their peers. The articulate skills and presentation of all the students were appreciated very much. Fariya, a final year EIE student says, “The infy experience was one from which we learnt so much. The activity helped us express our individual opinions at the same time work together as a team. Helped us build a creative and effective output from initial and simple ground rules.”

Later the students were given coupons for lunch at the Infy Lunch block. “It is like an Infy – Eat street. It had Bowl o’ China , Café Coffee Day, Subway, Domino’s pizza, Juice stalls and what not… of course the routine  food was also available, but when one has all this, who would even look at that. It was like a freaking food court of its own”, says Richa Gheyee, a final year cse student at MJCET. After an awesome meal, the students resumed going to their respective halls and were given an interactive session with HR. This session was extremely useful for the students as to how to tackle an interview and the do’s n don’ts. The information HR provided was immensely useful and gave the students a detailed insight as to what the corporates are looking for.

The overwhelming greenery in the Infosys campus. Credits: Ink Fairy

The overwhelming greenery in the Infosys campus. Credits: Ink Fairy

The students were then explained about all the measures Infocions are taking for protecting the environment. Azhar, a final year ECE student says, “I was very much surprised to find the greener side of Infosys. The measures they are taking like printing to the minimal and on sides, no plastics and planting saplings at every occasion is very commendable. It doesn’t require much effort but just by doing our bit we can make a difference”.

The last session, which was termed as a ‘gift’ for the students was the session on RTI (Right to Information), which the students found would help them a lot. The best ending given to this great day was a tour of the Infosys campus. “It is like being in a whole new dimension. The pool tables, the table tennis tables, the food court, the huge endless lawn ,the pool…wow…it is just outta this world. The gym is to die for”, says Yaseen. “It wasn’t an Infosys campus but an Infosys town, which had anything to everything you could dream of”, adds Noor.

At the end of the day each and every student walked out with an ambition to get a job in such a too good to be true place. Three cheers to Infosys! It rocks!

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