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Time changes everyone and one can always estimate the extent of the change based on the time spent apart by the person, and when it comes to the Gen X of NIFT, Change is an anthem. When vacations arrive, a huge smile spreads across the face of every college goer; 1) because they don’t have to work all night long anymore and 2) they can sleep right past the normal wake up time. Vacations are a welcome and well needed change to the routine followed at colleges. They are filled with pleasurable lazy times in which sleeping, shopping, donning the role of a couch potato and being at oneness with laziness become the priorities. And then time just slips through ones hands, quietly and sneakily bringing the student back to the moment when they have to go back to their forgotten lives that seemed like they existed a really long time ago.

Friends credit:Sri

Friends credit:Sri

“Did you come back to college expecting to see the same old friend, with the same old face standing in front of you? Well then you’re in for a big surprise buddy, presenting to you the new and improved version of friends. The changes people go through are well worth the time you spend apart from them”, says a student in deep thought. Those extremely familiar pair of harem pants, which used to be an essential part of your best friends wardrobe get replaced by the ‘oh so tight’ slim fit jeans! And remember that four eyed person in the corner of the class? Well guess what, the glasses have been replaced by slightly freaky blue lenses. Almost everybody gets a new hairstyle; “Check out my hairstyle, it’s the new disconnected look!” says Vibha swinging her head around and the voluminous curly black hair of miss. Curls go poker straight! Now what are you going to call her?

Braids credit:high heels

Braids. credit:High Heels

Some people put on weight and others have simply vanished into thin air, weight loss and gain are the most common changes here at NIFT. Girl next door Garima got a tattoo done! Lip gloss is now the sacred stick of enchantment of the one person, who told that they truly believed in the concept of inner beauty and just when the hemlines couldn’t get any higher, they did. Guys, who seem to have forgotten that they are guys at all, the fair ones get paler and the dusky ones are happy their tans wore off! New accents are picked up along with new attitudes, old feuds are forgotten and new bonds of friendship are formed. That faculty looks fab after she’s lost tons of weight all thanks to her new diet regime. “Oh my god, I saw her, yeah it is noticeable, makes her look so much more petite and young”, said Vanshika and of course, there are those few members of staff whose biggest change is a new pair of spectacles or the change from a middle to a side partition. And the prime news ever is that boyfriends and girlfriends, (the types, who swore to be together) are not together anymore! The dating lives of the entire student body are refreshed. With the new herd of juniors coming in everybody has a fresh face to hit on. ”I just can’t wait for the juniors to come, it’s like you get this jolt just from seeing new faces around the college, and ragging starts again!” says Rim.

curly-straight, credit:highheels

Curly - Straight. Credit: High Heels

It isn’t just the people who get a makeover but the college as well; they finally built that compound wall that was under construction for ages which is now more difficult to climb over and the canteen management has changed for the third time over the past two years (because of the massive strikes that keep going on) and hopefully for the better. The basket ball court got a complete face lift even though no one ever requested for it (you’ll hardly ever see a person shooting hoops there), the old stained flags that are always hung at the entrances when the freshers arrive, are put out in the open yet again and there is shiny new equipment in the gym which is visited more by our beloved director than the students. And watch out because there’s a new warden in the house and the word is that she’s stricter than the previous one. So say adios to everything familiar and prepare yourself, you’re a year older, with any luck wiser and you’re not the junior getting ragged anymore, remember that all these changes stimulate the atmosphere and are a good start to another semester.

Though a lot of things change, every person agrees that there are things that do remain untouched, like the sight of herds of people meeting at the center circle area, single hearted saints like Deepti still staying single, the sound of the college band rehearsing in the auditorium and dear Mr.G.M.Reddy sir telling people, who’d listen about this vacation; it sure is good to be home again!

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