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St.Martins Enginnering College

As guessed by everyone, the first day of St. Martins Engineering College posed a rather empty look. But, to the less surprise of everyone a larger part of the administration has been changed. The college management made major changes to the college, the ones, which can be called historic. St.Martin’s college was in a kind of handicapped stage, but it now poses larger possibilities of revival by the newer changes made.

This change is the result of the successful strike by the students in the previous semester. The students unhappy with the performance of the previous Principal, Mr.Shesha Giridhar, had striked, forcing the management to remove him from charge. On a note of success, the Principal was asked to resign and leave the management. Ram a final year student questions, “Even lecturers from JNTU knew that this principal is a con, then how come the management recruited him to this position?” Pavan also a final year student says, “The ranking of the college has gone down and the sole reason for that was our previous principal.”

Along with the principal many lecturers also resigned from the college and also many senior lecturers retired. But recovery from this happenings has been no issue for St.Martin’s. The college has very quickly recruited a new Principal, an administrative officer and many lecturers for each department. The newly recruited Principal, Mr. Singh, is a well educated, professional and efficient person. There are a lot of hopes from him from the side of students and the management. Sai, a pass out of the college exclaims, “He does look professional, hope he is not like the previous one”, when he had come for his certificates. Radhika a final year student says, “He does look efficient, but also did our previous one, hope we don’t get failed by Mr. Singh as the Mr. Giridhar did”.

It is not only the new principal, who is the hype, but even the new set of faculty has been creating buzz in the college. Kumar from ECE says, “We are being taught by a set of new lecturers, God knows how our semester is going to end”. Not just that, the CSE department, which had a lot of problems during their last semester due to the resignation of their previous HOD, Mr. Srinivasa Rao and also a large number of lecturers, have got a new ray of hope with the maximum number of newly recruited lecturers and also a new HOD Mr. Muralinath. The new HOD is said to be very efficient and soft spoken in nature. Even the EEE department was not spared last semester, their HOD Mr.A.N.Sharma resigned last year and no information about their new HOD is being revealed. The bio-tech department has largely been spared from all these, not many changes have been taken up in their department.

The sad part is that, a lot of students have been detained due to the lack of credits. As goes the JNTU rule, the student needs to have 72 credits to enter 4th year, failing which he/she will be detained. But another new rule also has been adopted by JNTU for students 3rd yr onwards. Not many students seem to have an idea about this though. Eshwar from 3rd yr ECE says, “The credit system has been completely removed for us”, but Ashwin from 3rd yr CSE says, “We will need only 60 credits to enter our final year”.

To the management’s credit, the college has now been granted permissions for both Civil and Mechanical Engineering streams and the number of seats for Computer Science has been decreased from 120 to 60. M.tech has also been taken up from this year.

Reactions to all these changes are of a mixed type in the college. Sandeep from CSE comments, “It is great to know that the college is regaining it’s past status and also moving in towards  better days”, to the new recruitments. Karan from EEE says, “Hope things don’t get any more worse, how are the new faculty and management going to know what the students want?”

The students are having a mixed reaction to all these changes that have taken place in the college. All of them are just hoping for the best.

* Some names have been changed for privacy purposes.

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