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Pranay was thoroughly shocked when his friend Arav (name changed) told him that he wouldn’t be going to the US of A, despite scoring a mind-boggling score in his GRE exam. Same was the case with Shilpa, who preferred to remain in India rather than going abroad in spite of getting more than a decent total in the GMAT exam. Well, is that patriotism that’s holding them back in India? Think again. The recent outbreak of swine flu and a series of racist attacks on Indians staying abroad has instilled a sort of fear in the minds of students, who previously wanted to go abroad to pursue their educational careers. This fear is making them search for jobs in India itself.

Though many would scoff at the idea of ‘swine flu’ being a decisive factor in holding back the students in India, a survey conducted upon students of a few engineering colleges clearly points out that 1 among every 3 students are scared of contracting the deadly disease in countries, where it is rampant. With Hyderabad reporting the largest number of swine flu cases in India (with as many as 39 cases being reported), students are bound to get alarmed by this.

Conquered GRE. Credit: Insanity Personified

Conquered GRE. Credit: Insanity Personified

Also, many of the students, who have stayed there and returned say that, apart from the lifestyle, standard of education and climate, nothing else set these countries apart from India. Hruday, a student, who has returned to India after a three year stay in London says that India and London are as different as two places can be. He says that most of the ‘British’ still look down upon the Indians as they used to a century ago. Though they don’t come out in the open with these prejudices, Hruday says that it is the most obvious thing to spot in their behaviour and mannerisms. Citing an incident, which made him to come to such a conclusion, he says that often, when an Indian is spotted at any place, his English counterpart would start using terms like ‘filth’, ‘brown a**’, ‘vermin’ just to provoke him into an altercation. He finds this sort of behaviour very bad. Though many of his British friends are on perfect terms with him, there’s a remarkable change in their behavior when he is spotted hanging out with a few of his Indian friends. A few other incidents like these are one of the many reasons, which are making students apprehensive to go abroad and pursue their careers.

But, it isn’t racism and swine flu, which have brought about such a change in the trend in the educational careers. The recession or the slowdown of the market has been, perhaps, the biggest factor in influencing the students’ minds. With salary cuts, firing of the existing staff and a virtual dry up of jobs all over the world, students in India think it is prudent to stay back here and wait for jobs rather than risking it in an alien country. Srikanth, a 3rd year B.Tech student admits that going abroad no longer holds the charm and grandeur it used to have a few years back. The on-going economic crisis has hit the students really hard with most of the banks increasing the educational loan interest rates. As if it weren’t enough, the cost of house rents, college fee, the dollar rate have all been increased to an almost exponential limit owing to the ‘slow down’ in the market. India, which offers the best IT personnel and resources has been rather adversely affected by this impending slowdown.

The Cambridge. Credit:

The Cambridge. Credit:

Apart from a couple of IT companies like Infosys and Wipro, almost all the other IT giants have reduced their man power by a very substantial amount, thereby reducing the need of Indian technicians abroad. A job analyst Mr.M.V.Srinivas says that this trend of limited jobs and downsizing the human resources of companies is likely to carry on for a couple of years still more and he strongly advises students to have multiple career options at their avail when planning to go abroad for a job/studies. Also, there’s no hiding the fact that, for reasons unknown, when it comes to sacking or firing of jobs, Indians are always found to be the very first ones to find themselves sacked or jobless, regardless of the effort they put in .

Also, with the current president of USA, Barrack Obama stating that outsourcing of man power from India will be strictly monitored and if possible, minimized for America to attain self sustainability, it won’t be long before the doors to the US of A will be firmly shut on the Indians. The same applies to the other frequented countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, who in all probability would try and impose similar restrictions in ‘importing’ man power.

It is clear that it is not only the students, who find themselves in the dark, but also many corporate and IT companies, which thrive on importing human resources and man power from abroad to cut  their pricing strategies. The fact that all factors viz. racism, recession and the deadly outbreak of the swine flu disease have chosen to act almost simultaneously is a matter of prior concern to any student, who wants to ‘fly’ out. Manas, a 3rd year student says that the number of students going out has reduced because the novelty and the charm of staying abroad has worn out with almost every 2 out of 5 students from the engineering fraternity going and living there. He points out that his sister, who lives abroad, doesn’t speak English at all, as almost everyone out there with whom she has to communicate is an Indian thus, eliminating the need to know a foreign language. Such a situation would serve as a real dampener to people, who want to experience the real ‘living’ in foreign countries. With more and more Indians moving to the west, don’t be surprised to see Hindi or Telugu becoming a major language in the west.

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