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Birthday- a special day for a good deed2

“ Hurrah! Momma, just two days more for my birthday”, said a boy of 6 years to his mother excitedly. Though they are not celebrated in the same manner everywhere and in every culture, this occasion is celebrated by nearly everyone. Many of us give a special importance to this day. People worship God, buy new clothes, sweets, cakes, candies – entice Jack and Jill,  paint the town red, decorate their house, receive gifts, bouquets, warm wishes from friends, hearty blessings of near and dear ones and what not.

On this day every individual thinks that he / she must celebrate the occasion with their friends, parents, cousins, relatives and be happy the whole day by forgetting all the work and have  fun and masti.  Normally, the celebration of birthday would be like enjoying with friends at home or going out for movie. This  is the general celebration of people on the BIRTHDAY. While there are some, who celebrate it in a different way by visiting old age homes and orphanages , distributing  chocolates, sweets,  donating blood to help the ill and save precious lives. Some resolve strongly to enrich and excel in their personal careers. The idea behind of all these activities is to acknowledge the goodness in life. May God bless all such people, who do such good deeds on that day.

A boy celebrating his birthday. Credit: Ipso Facto

A boy celebrating his birthday. Credit: Ipso Facto

There are two  ideas  put forth by Divya, a B. Com student of  Bharat Degree College. She suggests, “Let the birthday be that of anyone from your family; take him/her a doctor for a meticulous check-up”. The main aim behind this first idea is that, if  one cultivate this as a habit; it is indeed a good practice that subsequently not only minimizes the risk , which involves pain , but also helps to understand one’s own physiology as ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, with an awareness to move continuously to lead the life happily, merrily and joyfully. ‘Health is Wealth’ after all. If  this is taken as a birthday resolution, we can solve  hidden problems within us . A birthday is the best day for doing such good deeds as it would be memorable and we can also make it memorable to others.

The other idea Divya suggests is that of practising the habit of  spending at least half of one’s birthday expenditure for the orphans or the disabled. Divya not only suggests this idea but follows it religiously. She says if one practices this as a habit then every birthday of  theirs would be remembered by the orphans and these orphans can have a complete and satisfying meal, atleast for one day. “It’s not necessary, though, that one should visit them only when it is their birthday, one can visit them whenever one wants”, she adds. “There is a reason behind my  selection of my birthday to do this special deed because it is a very special day to us in our life and I want to make it memorable and also help in the best way I can”, says Swathi, another student. The quote, which inspired Divya to take up this initiative was Mother Teresa’s – “My service may be like a drop in an ocean but if that drop is  not there the ocean lacks that single drop”.

Orphans having their meal. Credit: Ipso Facto

Orphans having their meal. Credit: Ipso Facto

Thus, a birthday can be celebrated not only for our own pleasure  but also for the welfare of others. The happiness seen on the faces of the people one helps, make one happier and that birthday would be worth celebrating  as it is the most special and unforgettable day in one’s life. By practicing the above two ideas we can make our birthdays lively and the real value or the exact  importance given to the word Birthday will be justified. Celebrate it for  a good deed.  Another aspect, which these two ideas convey is “Live and let live”. By implementing these ideas for every birthday, we can see a progress in the person, whom we are educating and also in our personal health by this idea of getting a check-up done on our birthday. ‘Be Happy Be Healthy’.

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