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Find out why ECE is the hot favourite among students? Ask an engineering student, which branch they have opted for and there are very high chances of listening to the reply as ECE or EEE. Especially with the IT sector being hit by the recession, the number of students trying to find seats in ECE has drastically increased this year.

What makes ECE be called as the ever Golden branch? What drives more than fifty thousands of engineering students to opt for this branch every year? What are the scopes and further possibilities after a degree in B Tech ECE. Read on to find out all the Why’s being answered by students of CMEC, who were surveyed from the ECE department about their choices, ambitions, likes and dislikes etc.

CMEC has an intake of 120 students every year in its ECE branch and Mrs. Vandana Khare, Head of Department is a very efficient and discipline loving professor. She being the only lady HOD in the college carves herself a special place in the respect she adorns from the faculty members and the students. As the survey shows 18 students out of 21 believe they have the best HOD possible for their department and many of her students agree that she is among the best lecturers they had in their department to learn the insights of the electronics and communication world.

As many as 17 students out of the 21 we surveyed shockingly admitted that they took up ECE as their career option because their parents/ friends suggested that; many were forced to take up the subject as their brothers or sisters asked them to; only 3 out of 21 opted for the course after looking at the curriculum and wanted to pursue subjects like RADAR, Digital Communications etc. Lastly one of the student agreed, saying that he joined ECE as it was just second option for him in the EAMCET counseling.

Multimeter, Transistors, etc Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Multimeter, Transistors, etc Credit: Dynamic Warrior

A very good 60 percent of the students of ECE from CMEC agreed that their lecturers were experiment enough and a whooping 90% of them said that they felt their teaching staff is quiet efficient in carrying out their job, including lecturers, lab heads, technicians and all.

Kranti a final year student suggests that in their college they have the best maintained lab facilities compared to other branches in the college, as our survey showed 20 out of 21 agree with Kranti in terms of their labs being the finest; Kranti also adds saying, almost all the labs they faced till the 4th year were pretty simple and easy to score, as he puts it, the “Basic Electrical lab” was his favourite in the initial years of his course and currently the “Micro processors lab” rules his top favourites.

Keerti, another final year student and the current topper of the ECE branch tells us that she is glad to be a part of ECE domain and she adds that she is in love with the branch and she too opted for the course as her father is from a similar background. When asked if it’s a good choice for freshers she tells us, that especially for students who love maths, the subjects would seem very interesting. She adds that the course deals with electronic devices, its design and communication systems. Moreover the students have an  opportunity to learn both, the hardware and software aspects of the field and computers too are largely a part of the ECE.

During the complete survey process it was really difficult to get someone to answer about any woes related to their department. It seems almost perfect and flawless; though Keerti suggested that given a chance to change anything, she would like to call in more guest lecturers to the college and organize more workshops.

Many final year students, who didn’t wish their names to be revealed, complained of their projects seminars being conducted very early as against the prescribed December- January; they are made to present the seminars now in July- August.

CMEC. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

CMEC. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Pawan, a 2nd year student tells us ECE could be a cake walk for any engineering student as there is enormous amounts of study material available in the market to prepare for, he tells us that if a students is aiming to score good marks in the JNTU exams, he/she could prepare from the ever favourite “All in one” and “Question Banks”, which are a sure way of scoring outstanding results even at final moments of preparations.

The only batch, which passed out this year 2005-09; suggests the freshers to take up higher studies as an option over jobs, as the market trends show a decrease in the pay packages offered currently. The seniors advice their juniors to take further courses in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), RADAR Technology, Satellite Communications, Embedded Systems and Wireless Communications. It’s being witnessed that JNTU offers special M.Tech course to the students, who take up teaching after their B Tech. Hence as many as 7 passed out students from the 2009 batch have decided to stay on campus and work as lecturers.

All in all, ECE is one branch, whose glamour would never fade, be it recession or lack of interests in engineering studies. For all those, who are dreaming to make it big in fields of Digital Communications and Electronics, their next stop is CMEC –> ECE.

A world of pulsating knowledge and astounding opportunities awaits @ CMEC.

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