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Industrial Tour (3)

As most people think, Engineering is not tedious record work and nine to nine night outs always. It is a lot more than that; it depends on how one perceives these four years and how well he utilizes them. There is always a lot in store for those who are ready to initiate and participate. A group of students of M.G.I.T believe they were fortunate enough to experience the truth of this statement. The students from the branches of Mechatronics and ECE had gone to an Industrial Tour in February. It is a part of the curriculum in the second semester of the second year, which is often avoided by the management and faculty by using a variety of procrastinating reasons.

Gala Time: The Faculty with the students on the Steam Boat Credit: BeyondBoundaries

Gala Time: The Faculty with the students on the Steam Boat Credit: Beyond Boundaries

Since 1990, Environmental Studies has become a mandatory part of the syllabus in any form of education. The tour is a practical way of explaining to the students the various man-made activities that are affecting the environment. It helps spread the awareness on how to contend with these ever-growing perils. The students were given a certain list of places where there was natural beauty and Industrial Value.  “We chose Nagarjuna Sagar, as it is nearby and ideal for the purpose of the tour”, says Sarath, a 3rd year ECE student. When hinted by one of their seniors, the students took the initiative and drafted a letter to the director in such a way that it was too good a plea to be rejected. “We were asked to write a letter to the management saying we were willing to bear all expenses that may arise during the whole tour,” laments Lohit, a 3rd year MCTian. Upon repeated requests, the management agreed to arrange for the buses. The faculty was to accompany and coordinate the students throughout the tour. It was planned to be a one day tour. On an approximate estimation, the individual expense amounted to 300 Rs. The students started at dawn and reached by noon, with a couple of needed halts. The students explored the surroundings and then had a sumptuous meal in Harita, the AP tourism restaurant. They headed to the steam boat and reached the Nagarjuna Konda, where they saw the Power Generation plant and the museum. The faculty managed to secure access on educational grounds, due to which the students were allowed to take a look at the intricacies in Hydel Power Generation. The lab room, the huge turbines, the safety precautions and beyond all, the gush of the water was a sight worth watching. “We are thoroughly satisfied and happy that our efforts didn’t go waste,” says Srinivas, an MCTian.

The Dam and all of it's 26 Crates Credit: BeyondBoundaries

The Dam and all of it's 26 Crates Credit: Beyond Boundaries

This tour proved that Industrial tours weren’t merely fun as the students gathered lots of information which they wouldn’t have found by just ‘Googling’. The students showed keen interest as they knew they had to make the most of this opportunity and create a wonderful tour report on the tour, summarizing the things they had experienced. They stayed late into the evening in the power plant, hopping about the museum and other attractions. They also went to Ethipothala Water Falls and it seemed like there wouldn’t be an end to their enthusiasm, but for the time constraints :-) . The faculty was jovial and didn’t play spoilsport. Like always the bus journeys were as memorable as ever. There were little photo-sessions every now and then, with the students making zany poses to add zing to the fun and frolic. The singing persisted all through the journey until the bus screeched to a halt at a quarter past midnight, after which the students returned to their respective homes. But with one thing in mind, they all had fun and only because they were willing to. Tensed parents were eagerly waiting at the respective bus stops and the phone calls kept coming. But, as the old adage rightly says, “All’s well ends well!”

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