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National Highway 7, the pride of Hyderabad, running throughout central and Southern India is the longest highway of the country. Commonly known as NH-7, it is a host to over a dozen colleges and schools and houses the very famous Malla Reddy Group of Institutions and Shiva Shivani group apart from many more.

This is the place to be. Young or old, everybody has found it to be the best part of the town, away from the hustle and bustle of  hectic city life. With over 2000 students studying around NH-7 in Engineering as well as Junior colleges and coaching institutions, it definitely has some great spots to look out for. Kompally, a part of NH-7 is definitely ‘the jewel’ of the highway. Kompally has grown from grape gardens and farm houses to a quiet party joint, where a nice peaceful day can be spent. With good connectivity to the city, many young students and office goers find it a good place to relax and enjoy their night with friends and family at the various ‘dhabas’ and other locations that have sprung up. Few very famous being Sony International Dhaba and Deewan Dhaba, known for their fresh, finger-licking and less expensive north Indian food; they certainly are an ode to a foodie. The free flowing booze is also a great attraction to the young, who flock to these dhabas just to ‘have fun’. Kedar, a 2nd year student residing at Kompally tells, “All my friends force me to celebrate my birthday only at a dhaba”. Gautam, a 4th year student of CMRIT informs, “I have always been spending around 2-3 K just to quench the thirst of my friends every birthday”.

Deewan Dhaba. Credits:Wallpen

Deewan Dhaba. Credits:Wallpen

Kompally is just a 20 min drive from Secunderabad with the main approach road starting from Old- Bowenpally check post and  is a 4-lane 25 ft wide road running up to Medchal. This tract is heavenly to drive on and on several early mornings, one can see the Yamahas, Hondas and Kawasakis racing and unleashing their power. Many luxurious cars such as BMWs, Audis and Porsches can be seen on this wide stretched black boulevard, speeding and doing what they are meant to do. A lot of activity has been under taken by the National Highways Authority of India and GHMC to install lighting and green plantation around this stretch of road.

Rohit, a recent pass out of NIT Warangal and a proud owner of a Kawasaki Ninja 500R says, “This is the bike I love to ride. I got it as a gift for getting into NIT but couldn’t enjoy it for the past 4 years. But now, finally after this long break, I can enjoy it on the highway to feel its rush through me”.  “Driving a sports car is a big pain in the city. The roads plagued by traffic jams are a big turn-off and often ruin the experience of driving. So whenever I can, I take it or drive to kompally to really enjoy my car”, says the owner of a Porsche Boxster-S spotted on the road to Kompally.

Kompally,The Destination. Credits:Wallpen

Kompally,The Destination. Credits: Wallpen

Roughly 2yrs back a multiplex known as ‘Cine Planet’ was inaugurated at Kompally and now 2 years later, it has become the favorite destination of many movie goers. Thanks to cheap ticket pricing and ample parking space apart from multiple snack joints, it undoubtedly attracts a lot of students from nearby colleges, who bunk their classes to catch the ‘First day, First show‘. Nagaraj, a student of MRIT tells, “It is very common to bunk college for a flick and that too at just 40 bucks, I meet many of my friends at cine planet rather than at college especially on Fridays”. Keerthi, another college goer lets the cat out of the bag by revealing how she accidentally met her physics professor at cine planet during college hours while trying to catch a Rajnikanth movie.

Last but not the least, anyone, who drives through NH-7 cannot miss the ever famous landmarks ‘Dhola- ri-Dhani’ and ‘Runway-9′. These hangout places have now been here for a long time and have their very own distinct flavor to offer. Runway-9, known for its racing track in Hyderabad has a lot to offer to the youth than just the mini track. It has a wide range of pool tables (English and French), and many other fun games.  Here is a breif from VidYouth on Runway – 9.

Srinu, a student of MRIST narrates, “I often visit Runway -9 with a few special friends despite it being costlier than the rest of the hangout spots nearby, it offers a quiet environment to spend quality time”. Another student, Vaishnavi of Siva Shivani Degree College, final year recalls her experience at Runway-9 during the New Year bash it holds. Suman of the same college totally agrees with her, “I always enjoy partying at Runway-9 as it is much cooler than other party destinations in the city”. Apart from its racing and decent food, it also has a very good pub with good unruffled environment for the alcohol lovers. Just a few hundred meters away is the completely different Dhola-ri-Dhani, the more traditional and typically Rajasthani ethnic spot. Very much appreciated by the north Indian community of the city it offers traditional rajasthani food and many more interactive games and shows. Such an entertaining highway, touches the hearts of all Hyderabadis… NH-7 simply rocks!

Porshe Boxster-S. Credits:Wallpen

Porshe Boxster-S. Credits:Wallpen

Cine Planet.Credits:WallPen

Cine Planet.Credits:WallPen

Runway 9.Credits:WallPen

Runway 9.Credits:WallPen

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