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MLR College Of Engineering

‘When do I get a job?’, ‘Will I get a job at all?’, ‘Should I be working in a BPO after my Engineering?’… Thanks to the recession, these questions are creating a havoc in the minds of all students. This havoc continued in the recent campus drive conducted by ‘Talent Curve’ consultancy in MLR College of Engineering on 18th and 19th of July. The main attraction of this placement drive was that, it was exclusively for students with IT background i.e. students from CSE, IT, MCA.


Talent Curve is a consultancy situated in Habsiguda, Hyderabad. They organized a recruitment process for students in MLR College. Around 30 companies were claimed to be participating in the drive. Some of them are HCL, Dell, Synovell, Sanguine, ICICI Lombard, ABAAD Soft etc. The event was offered free for the students of sister colleges of MLR College, namely St. Martins College, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Malla Reddy Engineering College and some more. An amount of Rs.500/- was charged for non-students and others attending the event. The event was expected to have around 3000 participants, owing to the scrolling messages that flashed on the TV screens over many local channels. The promise made was 1000 fresher jobs.


But to the dismay of both, the students and organizers not all companies, who were expected to come were present for recruiting. There were less than 15 companies, who attended the drive on Saturday the 18th of July, which includes HCL, Sanguine, Xilinks and MITS India etc. Some other companies, who didn’t come on Saturday had attended the drive on Sunday. The same was the case with number of students attending the drive. There were around 1500 students, who attended this drive on Saturday. Then on Sunday the number decreased even lower owing to the poor response of companies the previous day. Rahul from St. Martin’s says, “I had come with a lot of expectations for this drive, but am loosing hope here too”. Vijay, who is also from St. Martin’s says, “Our placement officer had given us a lot of hope telling that this particular event is exclusively for 2010 batch, but it turned out be entirely a different situation”.

Students waiting at the hall. Credit: Hitman

Students waiting at the hall. Credit: Hitman


The event seemed very poorly organized. Kiran, a student from MLR College says, “Though our college is hosting this event, we are not properly informed about it”.

Students, who reached on time by 9:00 am were made to stay up to 12:30 pm for the event to begin. The disappointment in students, only grew when they were being made to sit for long durations in the halls waiting for the process to start, in spite of  being told that the companies needed immediate placements. Sandeep says, “We sat here for almost an hour expecting something good, but everything here looks just disappointing. The coming of BPOs was also not welcome by the students. Rakesh from Malla Reddy College says, “It is very disappointing to see that there are mostly BPOs, who have come here to recruit us for their companies”. The companies, which require recruitment for their technical side mostly wanted only students passed out in 2009. There were only few companies like H-Line, Xilinks, who were keen in taking students from 2010 batch.


Unlike in the case of many other rooms allotted to different companies, the room for HCL was teeming up with students wanting to go through their placements. Rahul from IARE College says, “Though HCL also has come up with placements for its BPO, we have a hope of jumping to its technical team through the BPO”. HCL conducted an aptitude test, which was by and large easy. “The paper had lesser standards than expected”, says Shalini, who took the test.


Many companies had just taken the resume of students and they were informed that the students will be intimated within two or three days about their further interviews. Same was the case with the much sort after HCL, who told that the results would be intimated to the successful students within 2 days. Some companies completed their process till their technical round and the selected students were asked to be present in their company for their HR rounds on a specified date.

Though there was some ray of hope for some students, the event by and large was very disappointing for many. Arun from St. Martin’s says, “I had come for this event with lot of preparation and hope, but now I am leaving this place with utter disappointment and lost hopes”. This is the case with many other students too. Mr. Sudhakar, the placement officer of St. Martins says, “We brought our students here just to make sure that they at least get some experience of attending interviews and if they are lucky enough, they’d get through some company at least”. Though there’s nothing good coming out of this event, it sure has succeeded in giving the students a learning experience and also a taste of rigid life.

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