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Ever used a public transport vehicle? If yes, was it wholehearted or a compulsion? “Oh please! I’d rather  stay at home. The one and only experience I had earlier exhorts me against it”, declares Suma, a college going girl. The very sound of them would remind us of the dusty old wagon that is filled to the brim without allowing even air to peep in. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) is the executive body, which takes care of the running of the road transport, the mostly called, RTC buses.

“If you can get on to an RTC bus with ease, you can do anything and everything. The first day, when I took a bus, I was the last one on board as a result of the constant thrusting and shoving by one and all to get in first and occupy a seat. I am so much better off being the last one”, laughs Sushma, an Engineering student.

Where should the ladies climb from? Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Where should the ladies climb from? Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

“What makes it all the more difficult is the crowd in the bus, most of which is ruthless and uneducated. They keep nagging even at nothing, chewing some red-coloured filth and you can never guess when they have last bathed, resulting in which, you end up stinking badly no matter whichever perfume you bathe in”, chirps, the agitated Kanullka.

It’s all the more difficult for the guys, who hold on to it for their lives at the rear end of the bus. And if someone thinks of showing them some pity, they just prove they are definitely not worth it. “Their constant ridiculous behavior simply gets on your nerves and the dilemma that a woman goes through is given least importance. There have been many cases which lead to punishments on the harassment of women, but none of it could force some sense into the mindset of men”, says Rajasri, a psychology student.

An-educated Moron! Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

An-educated Moron! Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Even in this 21st century, where the nation is toiling hard for the overall development, it is such a shame that it cannot respect its sole cause of birth and existence. The predicament we face in a city bus stands as one good illustration that we come across in our day to day life. The basic bus etiquette as we may call, is that ladies climb from the front doorway and gents from the rear, which is hardly followed as is the case with the rest. “We always have gents hop onto the bus from the front, then where are we supposed to get in from?” questions Renuka, a working professional.

The so-reserved ‘ladies seats’ and ‘senior citizens’ seats’ in the government buses rarely find their rightful occupants. As goes the rule, few of them voice it out to get their rights and quite a few manage to get themselves heard. So far as possible, the educated ones are the only hope, who should be willing to co-operate and respect elders and women. “In an incident during my travel, I was startled to encounter an educated youth not willing to give away his seat to a pregnant woman, which was legally a ladies’ seat”, asserts Alekhya, a degree student.

Read? Understood?? Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Read? Understood?? Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

The newly introduced A/C buses bestow some relief upon its commuters offering hassle free travel and far decent commuters. “The new buses offer a convenient travel, when compared to its former counterparts. In the wake of this issue, I hope adequate number of these A/C buses are launched, making travel a better experience”, believes Chaitra. “As a consequence of global warming, when it calls for minimization of pollution, pooling up of people for their travel is one of the best solutions. When better public transportation is guaranteed, people would be more than willing to cooperate, that would ultimately lead to the safeguarding of our mother Earth”, suggests Vishal, an environmentalist.

All in all, have a safe, sensible and healthy travel experience!

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