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Is the new generation passionate about Bikes, Formula1 Cars, Gadgets, Engines, Gears, Fighter Jets?  From where do people get the ‘cool home’ in the ‘sizzling hot summers’? How the air conditioners function? Does the youth  notice how stuff works? Stuff without which one can’t think of surviving!? Welcome to Mechanical Engineering.

When the counseling starts, all the Intermediate pass outs, with their EAMCET rank cards, scratch their heads for deciding on what branch they have to choose. What we generally hear is, “If you are a good rank holder take up computer science, or IT. Your future will be safe and comfortable” or something like, “If you are a girl, don’t even think of mechanical and civil, it will keep your nose to the grindstone!” These are the general perceptions of people, who give their unwelcome suggestions and influence the student, who is actually going to choose his / her stream of study when they are absolutely confused and don’t know what to choose.

Students engaged in the workshop technology lab. Credits: Aura Unleashed

Students engaged in the workshop technology lab. Credits: Aura Unleashed

Once students make up their mind on one of the most interesting and authentic branches of engineering – the ‘Mechanical’, the next step is to choose the college. This step is one of the most important things of the next four years of a student’s life. Here is a little secret for people, looking for a college with faculty with good experience, equipped labs, many workshops, industrial trips and fun blended academics – JBIET’s Mechanical Engineering class room could be the launch pad for all such interested students.

The college has this branch since the year of functioning-1998. It happens to have very experienced teaching staff.  The present head of the department is Dr.M V Lakshmi Prakash. He, unlike the stereotypical HODs , is a very gregarious person. He is into teaching for more than 40 years till date. He also has many international and national publications in his citation. The Mechanical department has 24 highly qualified and experienced faculty. It has accoutered labs and workshops. Also a departmental library with 247 volumes and few special journals. The Mechanical Engineering dept of JBIET boasts of a state of the art CAD/CAM lab, which have CNC trainer lathe, 27 computers with the software installed.

The college proudly speaks of Sri. P. Diwakara Reddy as the receipt of the best teacher award for four times consecutively. “When Diwakar sir teaches, the students have no other choice but to grasp it”, says Malathi. Any student studying in the college would recognize him . “Diwakar sir taught us classical mechanics and it seems to be engraved on the walls of my brain”, says an enthusiastic Mechanical Engineering student, Chaitanya.

Every college would have a branch that it is famous for. So for this college, it is Mech. It holds brilliant records of results of the students of Mechnical Engg right from the ‘98 batch. It is clichéd that scoring in core branches like Civil, Mechanical etc is a herculean task. Here the students changed the trends. They scored up to an aggregate of 86 % in Mech and managed to be the top scorer amongst all the branches in the college, since then it has kept up the grandeur.

The labs that prevail in the college, which go hand in hand with the subjects are:

The display of gears in the lab. Credits:Aura Unleashed

The display of gears in the lab. Credits:Aura Unleashed

1. CAD / CAM

2. Hydraulic Machines Lab

3. Heat Transfer / Fuels lab

4. Metallurgy  Lab

5. Thermal Engineering

6. Workshop and Production

7. Mechanics Of Solids Lab

8. Simulation Job

9. Production Drawing practice and Instrumentation Lab

10. Surveying Lab

People have a conventional image that girls don’t fit into Mechanical stream and guys are disappointed that there are very few girls, who take up this branch. “But there are more girls in a Mech class than they are in an IT class in our batch! That’s surprising but true”, says Sowmya, a 3rd year student. “The labs , the hard core welding and stuff has never been a problem for us because we have our class guys always ready to help us and even the lab in-charges”, says Prianka.

The 4 stroke petrol engine;in the thermal lab. Credits: Aura Unleashed

The 4 stroke petrol engine;in the thermal lab. Credits: Aura Unleashed

Its well known among all engineering students that the ‘impression’ that one carries matters a lot. Same way the tradition continues in this college too. “If the lab attendants and the lecturers have a good impression on the students, there  is absolutely no need to worry about the welding and production labs because they are very supportive”, says Ravi. But on the other hand, “If anyone tries to over act or disobey the lab assistants, no one would be worse than them, chukkalu chupistaaru“, says Krishna, regarding the labs. A student, Ajay (name changed) says, “I’m bloody pestered every moment in the labs because I misbehaved with the faculty… we better be nice to them or else shit will happen”. “The sirs always seem to have a soft corner for the girls working in the labs and during exams it rather looks like the examiner does the job and not the girl!” cribs Abhinay. A very zealous mechanical student Naveen says, “The subjects are awesome in this field. We get to study about the engines, the 2-stroke and the 4-strokes that are used in the bikes and cars. It’s so much fun to actually see them and know how it functions”.

But every rose has a thorn! “One very irritating and disgusting subject in Mechanical Engg is drawing. It will suck the last drop of  blood if anyone happens to flunk in that subject”, whines, Anudeep . “This subject is designed to break the spinal cords… My God! Its awful”, says Sahil (name changed), who has been trying to clear machine drawing since 3 years of his study. Contrary to his point of view, Bhargavi says, “Drawing is the most scoring subject and one of my favorites. I scored 100 percent in that subject and at least for that reason I love drawing”, she chuckles. When the students were asked about the extra curricular activities of this department, they seem very ebullient about the SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers) that was inaugurated in the college few months back. “This covers many programs for the Mechies . “It gives us an option to design our own cars and represent them in the BAJA competition”, says Praveen. Here is VidYouth’s brief on this year’s SAE Mini Baja.

When few existing students of Mech Engg were inquired about what they think of their branch, they say. “Mech rox! bigtime!” “Liners like ‘Rebellious Trendsetters’, ‘Mighty Mechanicals’ fit us perfectly”, says Raghu.

Amer, a 2nd year student  feels that Mech is the best option as it involves both academic and industrial work. “Its not like the other branches which indulge mostly in programming, which will ultimately lead to pot bellies by sitting in front of the computer all day, we go into the field, work, understand and make a difference”, he says. As it was once quoted, the other branches of engineering are the x and y axes, Mech is the origin’ is absolutely true. If one is a determinant aspirant, aim high, love machines and willing to slog a little for a wonderful product, here it is, JBIET Mechanical!

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