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Talk about being brand conscious. Talk about trusted names in Hyderabad. Talk about being desi! When it comes to sweets, it is the mouth watering Pulla Reddy Sweets; when it comes to clothing, it is the ready made Chermas garments store; when it comes to footwear, it is India’s largest footwear retailer, Bata (well-known for its Rs. 99.99 and Rs. 999.99 rates) and when it comes to stationery, it is the multi-storied Himalaya Book Depot stores. Last but not the least, when it comes to bakers and confectioners, without hesitation, we zero down to our very own and extremely successful Karachi Bakery!

Established in 1952, by Mr. Khanchand Ramnani at Mozzamjahi Market, Karachi Bakery has now become a brand by itself and a household name amongst us Hyderabadis! A synonym for quality, hygiene and perfection, Karachi Bakery, with the tagline – ‘Sweet Memories… Deliciously Crafted’,  boasts of being a landmark in this city of pearls. One would be surprised to learn that this organization has 5 production factories generating employment to a huge 300 staff toiling between two shifts.

The fabulous range of 45 different types of biscuits, 21 different types of bread, 19 different varieties of chocolates and umpteen  exotic cakes is reason enough for size zero girls and 6 and 8 pack guys to indulge their sweet tooth in and totally forget about their fitness regime. This bakery is the very reason for the fitness studio, VIBES to be established right opposite to it. “The number of footfalls (people who visit the bakery) on weekends and on weekdays,  in the Khanchand towers, Banjara Hills, Road No. 1 branch are about 3000 and 2000 respectively.

The extremely popular Fraisier cake! Credits: Candy Floss

The extremely popular Fraisier cake! Credits: Candy Floss

Ornamental baskets for every festive occasion! Credits: Candy Floss

Ornamental baskets for every festive occasion! Credits: Candy Floss

The ice cream parlour at the bakery! Credits: Candy Floss

The ice cream parlour at the bakery! Credits: Candy Floss

In the Mozzamjahi Market, they are about  5000 to 6000  per day on weekdays and the count rises to even 8000 customers on weekends”, beams Mr. Vijay Ramnani, a commerce graduate and a partner of the Banjara Hills branch, co-owning the bakery with his cousins. No wonder the gross turn over per month is a whopping Rs. 1 Crores rising to an impressive Rs. 1.5 Crores during the festive season at the Banjara Hills branch and a equally jaw dropping figure of Rs. 1.5 – Rs. 2 Crores per month at the Mozzamjahi Market branch. Undoubtedly, he’s one proud owner. The incessant dedication and perseverance of the founder for a long 57 years have been instrumental in making Karachi Bakery what it is today – Trustworthy!

The lip-smacking Eiffel Tower cake... could one ask for more? Credits: Candy Floss

The lip-smacking Eiffel Tower cake... could one ask for more? Credits: Candy Floss

Asked about the difference that they maintain from other leading hotels in terms of the raw materials that they use, “The vegetable oil that we use is well processed and has less fat. We try to minimize the preservatives as much as possible and the dairy cream that we use is fresh from the parlour”, asserts Mr. Rajesh, an employee of the Karachi Bakery since the past three years. This is proof enough for apna Karachi Bakery to go international soon, after having set up quality outlets at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad and duty free outlets at the Mumbai and Bangalore airports. “The wheat and the flour that we procure is the finest in quality and comes from all over the nation. So it’s not a surprise at all to see people queuing from 6 in the morning to grab just one fresh loaf of our bread!” chuckles Suhash, another young employee of the bakery, who confesses that he loves the bakery’s blue berry and chocolate muffins.

The management has now planned to establish a modern factory at Mozamjahi Market for the simple reason that they are unable to meet the demand. The plethora of appetizing cakes ranging from the Orange Soufflé, Décor Orange Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Dome Cake, Fraisier, Opela Genoise Sponge to the Cappuccino Walnuts and the delectable range of Fruit, Chocolate Cashew nut and the Badam Pista biscuits have managed to steal the show (diabetic patients being no exception).  Exults Srikanth, a regular customer, “These cakes look so appealing  that they are perfect for the covers of greeting cards. Karachi Bakery is known for preparing seasonal attractions. This time, the special attraction is the rich Eiffel Tower cake that has been prepared since the French day is just round the corner”. Chirps an excited Rekha, a mother of two, “I’ll have to come all the way from Madhapur just to satisfy the hunger pangs of both my little sons, who just refuse to purchase pastries, samosas or burgers from any other bakery. Therefore, all our birthday, anniversary, New Year and Christmas cakes are from this esteemed confectionery”. Rekha’s son dragged her along to the imported chocolates section so she had just little time to express herself!

The enthusiastic Joel serving the customers! Credits: Candy Floss

The enthusiastic Joel serving the customers! Credits: Candy Floss

The ‘Assorted Sweets’ section is another huge hit with the sweetaholics. The splendid variety of sweets and desserts are a visual treat as well as a treat to the taste buds. Joel, from Shillong, the incharge of the gift wrapping section of the bakery opines, “We have introduced lots of Haldirams and Balaji varieties to our racks since we wanted to make the bakery a one-stop-shop, catering to all consumers’ needs”. The rates here are extremely reasonable and hence, Karachi Bakery is always brimming with brisk business.

Karachi Bakers undertake catering for parties and functions and one can purchase their savories online by visiting the Karachi Bakery website – www.karachibakery.com or can contact the store on 040-66660909 or 040-66418506/07 for home delivery. Afterall, it would be a paradise on earth for us, foodaholics to give into Karachi Bakery’s yummy Blueberry gateaux, Chocolate Mousse or Chocolate Truffle over a can of coke, watching a thrilling India – Pakistan cricket finale on a hot summer’s afternoon, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s Karachi Bakery for you! :-)

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  1. Meghali Ghosh says:

    Your article itself was mouth watering..:)…awesome

  2. Satish Mantha says:

    i was talking to a friend, non-hyderabadi, a few days ago. she couldn’t digest the fact that she couldn’t make it to KB on her only hyd visit. only then did i realise its reputation. i’ll definitely check it out, inspired by your research into it (or, my desire to have good cakes! :D ).

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