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Wesley Degree College for Women (WDCW), situated near the Secunderabad railway station, is one of the most reputed colleges in Secunderabad. The adage, ‘All that glitters is not gold’ perfectly describes WDCW. The students do not find their college satisfying; not even their basic needs. ‘To err is human’, but the students of WDCW say, ‘To err is Wesley’. A college is not just a place, where a student studies. It is a place, where a student has to spend around 6-8 hours in a day. In such a case, the basic facilities of water, a canteen, washroom, medical aid should be maintained by the college management. The management of Wesley has to fill a lot of loopholes to make itself a perfect college.

To start with, the infrastructure of the college is in pathetic condition. The chairs, used by the students are in a very bad state; they shake and are also insufficient. They are never kept in a proper order by the assigned people (sweepers) or rather, they are left for the students to arrange. Fans and tube lights are also to be taken care of, as some of them work and most of them don’t. There are no stoppers for the windows. They keep on banging against the window panes, disturbing everyone. Nobody can even close them, as they don’t even have latches.

Electric Point, Left Open. CREDIT: Calpurnia Jane

Electric Point, left Open. Credit: Calpurnia Jane

Many electric points are left open with wires hanging out of them. This can probably result in a major accident in future. There are almost 40 computers in the college, 20 out of which still use Windows ‘97. Most of them do not work efficiently either. Other labs, like the physics lab, chemistry lab or the bio lab are also not well equipped.

There is also a lot of mismanagement by the office staff and faculty. On occasions like freshers’ party, farewell party or the annual day of the college, a huge amount is collected from the students. In spite of that, many students are not even provided with snacks/refreshments. Chairs are kept only for lecturers and the students are asked to sit on the ‘dari’. On this Supriya, a B.com 3rd year student says, “At least install Windows XP in all the computers. These people take money from us on every occasion and don’t even make us sit on a chair. How stupid!?”

Most of the times, no prior notice of any holiday or time changes is given to the students. The recent case being that of 22/07/09. It was complete solar eclipse on that day and the college started 45 minutes later than the usual time. This information was not conveyed to the students, though it was given to the college faculty. The students came on the normal time, but all the doors and grills were shut. The girls had had to wait in the campus for 45 minutes for somebody to come and open the doors. Sameena (name changed) says, “They could have at least informed us yesterday about the delay of the classes. This is so absurd”.

CREDIT: Calpurnia Jane

Dirty Bathrooms at Wesley. Credit: Calpurnia Jane

The washrooms of the college are very dirty. The sweepers clean it daily, but only with water. The taps also don’t work. Once opened, it’s very hard to close them, thus many students leave it open. The wash basins are also never cleaned. Also the mirrors in the washroom are dirty.  They washrooms stink so much so much so, that nobody can stand there for more than 2 minutes. “The management can at least provide phenyl to the aayas. The washroom smells yuck yaar”, so said by Namrata Srivastava, a student of B.com (comp) Final year.

Earlier, there was no lunch break, but after a lot of request done by the students, a 15 minutes break was introduced in the time table. The Canteen of the college contains nothing except a few stale patties and samosas. Adding to this, there is not even a proper drinking water facility. There a pot of water kept outside the chemistry lab, which is the only source of drinking water in the whole campus. Jyothsana Parida (B.com) final year says, “Okay we will bring Tiffin from home, as there is nothing in the canteen. At least they can provide us clean drinking water”. As the pot is kept outside the chemistry lab, it gives the smell of chemicals while drinking it.

Student drinking water from pot kept outside chemistry lab. Credit: Calpurnia Jane

Student drinking water from pot kept outside chemistry lab. Credit: Calpurnia Jane

There is no parking space allotted by the management for the vehicles. Vehicles are kept in a random order in the campus, leaving almost no space for the students to walk comfortably. Though there is a sports room full of sports equipments, there is no space for the students to play with them.

The faculty of the college is very good. The lecturers are well qualified and experienced. The pass percentage of the college is also very high. The only problem of WDCW; it is highly mismanaged. The students have complained about many of the problems but there has not been any step taken by the management regarding any problem. The lecturers too are just focused upon completing their syllabus and do not forward any information about any problem to the staff concerned. The students of every class and branch now are planning to draft a letter, signed by all class representatives and give it to the principal. If no step is taken even after that, the students plan to report the same to the authorities of Osmania University.

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