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“They say, a group/handful of determined people can stir up a revolution. Throwing a Kickass Freshers’ party at L.A was nothing less than a revolution. After last Sunday, we’ve turned into proud revolutionaries”, says Adam [Name Changed], a proud final year B.Com [Hons] student.

After having witnessed and carried out two weeks of ‘ragging’/ ‘interactions’, a group of final year students along with a few second year students decided to throw a freshers’ party to take this interaction to a whole new level and establish friendly relationships – the essence of every senior-junior bonding.

Working hard for two full weeks, the seniors decided to make it as ‘personalized’ as possible. Choosing a school, owned by one of the final year students, as the venue, the seniors went out of their way to set things up. They put up decorative streamers and divided the selected room into two parts-one side was for the games the juniors would play while the other was the ‘dance floor’. To bring in the party feel, all the windows were well covered with black charts, in order to make way for a spot light and a disco ball. “We all have heard of many freshers’ party being held at pubs and function hall. But we came up with a different option, made the required arrangements and kept the party feel alive”, says Dipesh, a final year B.Com [Hons] student. The stage had indeed been set for a party of a lifetime.

The Ice-breaker Round Credit: Inverted Frequency

The Ice-breaker Round Credit: Inverted Frequency

Came 19th July and in came the juniors… boys in blazers and girls dressed in their best. They were welcomed in style by being imprinted, on their wrists, with the words “We’ve Arrived” to mark their arrival.

Like every other freshers’ party, the first round was the introduction round also known as the ‘ice breaker’ but it came with a little modification. The 40 juniors were shown a bowl of chits, which had their names written on each of them. They were supposed to pick up a chit and introduce the person, whose name was on the chit by talking about a ‘positive and a negative’ point about them and their ‘initial and current impression’ on them.

The next game was termed as ‘back-to-back’… here the juniors were divided into pairs and were given a balloon each. They were asked to hold the balloon between each of the team members back while they faced opposite directions. It was a race where these pairs walked a little distance with the balloon still balancing between their backs and  the objective was to get to the finish line without letting the balloon fall.

After these two rounds, which went on for a little over an hour, the juniors were asked to pick chits yet again and this time for the ‘paper dance’. In this event, they formed pairs and danced to the music being played, standing on paper charts. Every time the music stopped, with an approximate gap of 3-4 minutes, they had to fold their respective chart papers in a symmetric format and get on to it and dance again. Increasing number of folds made it tougher to dance and according to the rule, even if a toe-nail appeared to be out of the chart , they would be disqualified. “It was fun to go around checking if anyone was dancing out-of-the-chart. I grooved to the music that played behind me while the participants were dancing in a limited space. I really enjoyed it”, chuckles Jeswin, another final year student.

Smokin' Up The Dance Floor Credit:Inverted Frequency

Smokin' Up The Dance Floor Credit:Inverted Frequency

What came next was enjoyed by both seniors and juniors. The lights were turned off, the music began and out came the spot lights and the disco lights. Party starter…Rise Up…Smack That…Temperature… it was a day of house and trance music and 70 odd people danced along without any hesitation what so ever.

The 45 minutes long dancing was brought to a reluctant end and the food was served. The juniors and the seniors took a half an hour lunch break and then the events proceeded. The next event was the Mr. and Ms. Rose. The juniors were handed two red roses and were asked to give one to a classmate and one to a senior [immediate or super super senior] of the opposite sex . Among the seniors; Mary, the charming-host-of-the-day, and Rohit, the smartly dressed-super senior, got the maximum number of roses from the sub-juniors with 5 and 4 roses respectively. Among the 1st years , Langdon [Name Changed], the laid-back-dude and Sherin, the-girl-with-a-pleasant smile,  went on to be the Mr. and Ms. Rose respectively. They won a box a Ferrero Rocher Chocolates each.

With just one event to go and a lot of time in hand, yet another hour of non-stop dancing came by. This session saw the usually-shy-non dancers shake a leg or two, to thumping music. “My friends say I have two left feet, I’ve never denied for I could be very clumsy. But freshers’ party was a different thing altogether. I couldn’t resist myself when I saw all my mates dancing away to the music. I joined in and danced till I began to sweat like a pig”, says Roger [name changed].

Dancing Away To Glory Credit :Inverted Frequency

Dancing Away To Glory Credit :Inverted Frequency

The time had then arrived for the most important event of the day - Mr. and Ms. Fresher. The juniors had to do a ramp walk towards the dance floor where the seniors were seated. They then had to introduce themselves and talk about their hobbies. They were then showed another bowl of chits, which had a vast range of questions, which they had to answer smartly in order to be crowned. The questions ranged from “Simplicity of Attitude? And Why?”… “Your view on Sex Education in Schools and Colleges”… “You are stuck in an elevator with Obama and Osama, Obama is powerful but Osama has a gun… on whose side are you?”… “ The wackiest Pick-up line you’ve used”… and a few more on the same lines. While all the 40 juniors went through this round, there were three seniors who judged them. Luke and Priscilla, two of first year students, were adjudged the Mr. and Ms. Fresher for the style and confidence they displayed during the final round and were given a smart looking coffee mug  and a coupon from Café Coffee Day each.

This round concluded and another dancing session began. “We were totally tired, but we did not care… the final round of crazy dancing marked the success of the event we organized with utmost care and precision. Today, we can be called satisfied seniors”, says Gaurav, who managed to turn heads in his smart-white-blazer.  “You’ve done it, you’ve changed the Loyola culture and done it with panache. I’m really proud of you guys”, says Dean, an ex-loyolite and one of the three judges of the Mr. and Ms. Fresher round.

All In The Same Frame Credit: Inverted Frequency

All In The Same Frame Credit: Inverted Frequency

I absolutely loved the party and the interactions with the juniors. I got to know about a lot of them and I’m very happy that they’re all awesome. I also thoroughly enjoyed donning the host’s role for the party and I guess I did a pretty good job”, blushes Mary, who charmed each and everyone as an adorable host.

After the final-tiring-round of dancing ended, a full-fledged session started… all the students gathered in the lush green football ground and clicked a lot of pictures to take back as a prized souvenir.

My conversations with some of the juniors, after the party, will give you a hint of my pride and happiness after hosting the 1st ever freshers’ party of L.A, commerce batch in the last five year, if not more. This is how my conversations went…

Fresher 1: ‘Awesome Party dude… Thanks a lot’

Fresher 2: ‘It was a total blast. I haven’t danced so much for ages now.’

Fresher 3: ‘I don’t have words to express. All I can say is we adore our seniors and we owe them big’. I smiled all the way and replied by saying ‘what else did you expect?’ ”, says a euphoric Ankur.

Eventually, the photo session came to an end and  so did the party. The juniors took back home all the excitement and the happiness that they derived out of  the party they had just been treated with and the seniors rejoiced and celebrated the fact that they had achieved what appeared almost as an impossible feat, specially at Loyola Academy!

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