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Online Counseling for EAMCET, has been introduced this year and the sudden announcement of the procedures has left many a student clueless about what to do, and what-not-to… or how-to-choose and how-not-to-choose a college. We at VidYouth took up the task to find out all the complexities withheld in the process and as solutions, various schemes that have come up, to guide aspirants in taking the right move.

The first step involves registration, and a verification of certificates of students at 50 different helpline centers. These help-lines are basically verification centers, where candidates are checked in various aspects; EAMCET score cards, Intermediate score-sheets, SSC/ ISCE/ CBSE memos, etc.  Also, students have to produce Transfer Certificates, Caste/ Bonafide certificates, NCC/ sports certificates etc, as applicable to individual candidates. They are provided with a verification receipt once this process is done.

Mr. Sunil, of YoCareer, speaks about the simplified process. Credit: Azazel Eyes

Mr. Sunil, of YoCareer, speaks about the simplified process. Credit: Azazel Eyes

Once this is done, the complexity of the process shows up. Now, the candidates are asked to make lists of colleges of their priorities on a blank option sheet that is provided. They have to mark options as one, two, three and so on in the order of their choice of subjects and colleges. This, being the first time of web-counseling, most students are unfamiliar with the marking system. And once their options are frozen after a fixed date, they cannot make changes. Students, who make choices without proper guidance and information tend to have a serious backlog of ending up in the less rated colleges and at this point of time ignorance or negligence of any sort might result in disasters.

Once the options are frozen, the system runs a computer program, which automatically decides the college, where the student gets his seat. As it is a computerized system and no student is aware of what seats are available, the results from this process might be rather shocking for most. “I don’t know where I’ll end up. I have of course chosen all top colleges. I’ll get the seat if I’m lucky. I just hope that the result doesn’t turn out badly”, says Ashwini, who got a rank of around 45,000 in EAMCET ‘09.

Choose District. Credit: http://www.yocareer.com

Choose District. Credit: http://www.yocareer.com

Mr. Sunil, a young Entrepreneur, came up with a sophisticated technique, to simplify this state of confusion regarding how-to-choose-my college/ branch question. His enterprise, called Yo Career, claims to help people ‘make the right choice’. They came up with a concept called EZ Counsel, “… through which students can be guided through this difficult situation. Our website can be accessed through scratch cards that we are distributing at these help-line centers. Students can avail lots of information from our website that would make their task of choosing easier”.

He explained to us, the procedure involved in using the scratch card as thus. Firstly, students get a scratch card that has a CODE. Using this code, he can log into their website at www.yocareer.com . Once logged in, one reaches a page that asks for a choice of District, based on which the following lists are displayed. A student can choose any number of districts as per his choice and convenience. Then the site asks for the student’s option of subjects within 3 levels of college lists- separated as Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. These ‘Tiers’ and an analytic of the popularity of colleges all over the chosen areas, over the last 5 years, tier 1 being most popular.

Students have to provide their order of choice as 1, 2, 3 and so on. Credit: http://www.yocareer.com

Students have to provide their order of choice as 1, 2, 3 and so on. Credit: http://www.yocareer.com

When asked about how this popularity index is calculated, Mr. N. Sunil says, “We have information regarding the student of which rank, joined which college… in the past 5 years. We assign a popularity weight to every rank and calculate the total popularity of that particular college. Once these are calculated, we place the colleges in the descending order of popularity, branch-wise”. He adds, “We classify the choice of a seat based on two points; one, the branch/ subject that a student wants to choose and two, the college/ university of his choice. This helps students with a broad perspective and an easier choice. Also, since these are classified based on the latest 5 year popularity, they’re bound to give us the most accurate results”.

After confirming ones choice of the branch-college combinations, the system runs an algorithm which creates a .Pdf file for download. This file will include a list of colleges and branches in the order of the best choice possible for the student. All the student has to do is note this listing and apply for the colleges in the same order, from the number one. Now, one doesn’t have to think about comparison between colleges or his choices. Also, a star (*) is provided over college names that the student might most possibly get a seat in. This decreases the shock-value of the actual outcome to a major extent.

In addition to helping students choose, the site also provided information about various colleges, a list of top-ranking colleges (according to the popularity index), and information about the branches of study available. This facility is now available only for students applying to Engineering and B. Pharmacy courses. The site also provides a list of tips for online counseling.

Result shown on Yocareer website after entering preferences. Credit: http://www.yocareer.com

Result shown in a .pdf file after entering preferences. Credit: Yo Career

After marking their choices, students are asked to freeze their options on a fixed date, according to a schedule already provided by the board. The dates to freeze choices last from 31st July 2009 to 11th August 2009. After running a program, students are allotted colleges, in the best possible branch / college according to their order of preference. Thus, the whole procedure would end.

For anymore details regarding the ‘hows’ of Web Counseling, students are suggested to get things clarified at the help-lines before freezing their options. Choices made without proper thought or time might result in outrageous effects, which might leave them disappointed. After all, these are choices for a lifetime of most careers and deserve to be taken very seriously.

Think twice before you click!

Source: http://www.apeamcet.org/, www.yocareer.com

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