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Campus Masti

By Dynamic Warrior On July - 30 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
Campus Masti 01

Read on to find out what CMECians do in spare time. It’s raining outside, no classes are taking place and nobody is allowed to go to canteen; feeling stuck?; feel as if it’s an end to all the happiness in world?; is one willing to lay one’s life for a moment of pleasure!? But for students of CMEC it’s a normal scenario. With college being reopened just now and not many lectures to attend, they are stuck in their classrooms as the gates are locked and no one is allowed even to the sports room or the canteen except during the lunch hour or after 3:00 pm.

They aren’t bored or bugged by these harsh rules imposed on them as the saying goes; ‘Life opens second door of happiness when it closes one’. Ganesh, a final year student believes in utilizing this time to entertain themselves with some amusing pastime games. As he continues he talks about, the latest television show, which has made its marks in the parliament of India and has faced disagreement in the likes of many. The notoriously renowned ‘Sach ka Sawaal’ has also caught up with him and his classmates. He says he really enjoyed playing the game for the first time. On hearing this, he was called by Imran and other classmates, who didn’t know of any such game being shown on television. So Imran was very excited to play it, but he didn’t know he was the first prey to the class as he was targeted with 10 questions, all mostly asking him to tell the truth related to his personal and private life.

Chidya Ud, the first part of the game. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Chidya Ud, the first part of the game. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

The rules of the game are simple. The contestants are put through 10 questions and have options to skip through any three sparing the last one. If the contestant lies or even if their classmates feel he or she lied to them in answering the question, they have to get hit with a duster full of chalk powder on it. The classmates behave as lie detectors and the contestant are on sole mercy of theirs. Everyone enjoyed the game and slowly it grew into a habit of a sort to get every classmate of theirs in the hot seat to witness the wrath of answering 10 questions or must we say at least 7 truly and frankly in front of their classmates.

The second most popular game is called; “Chidya Ud” to explain elaborately, Hareesh volunteered and told us how this funny sounding game is played. Game, which could be played by any number of people at the same time, it involves one person to say, “Chidya Ud, Parrot Ud, Paper Ud, and so on and the others would lift their index finger in response to all the names which can fly; like for example if someone lifts the finger when one says Monkey Ud then all the others would punish him or her by hitting on the hand until he / she escape a  hit.

Pen Fights in Classes. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Pen Fights in Classes. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

Aravind shares his experience and tells us, he enjoys the hitting part more than the main game and tells us that it becomes a game in itself to hit and escape from the blow altogether. He tells us of his other favorite game, the one game, which we all have played at one time or other, “Spin the bottle”, everyone in the class loves to play this game, especially because they get to dare each other to do crazy things and unlike its close cousin “Truth and Dare” this game has no space for asking questions and claiming to hear answers. As Sonal says, that part is taken care of in the game mentioned first Sach ka Sawal.

Ved recalls that the best time he ever had in his class was when the whole class was divided into two groups and they played the “Dare Me” game, the simplest of all. Just toss a coin and the team, which looses would have to do what the others ask for and on this particular day the loosing team was asked to scribble their names on the doors of other class rooms where lectures were going on and the doors are mostly closed. The team eventually agreed but they didn’t know what was planned. When the students went near the doors cautiously they were pushed by other team members inside the class rooms. Ved adds saying as many as 8 students got scolded and 10 of them were pushed inside the classes.

"Spin the Bottle" All time Favourite. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

"Spin the Bottle" All time Favourite. Credit: Dynamic Warrior

One from the crazy games list is the much acclaimed “Pen Fights” simple rules you need to hit others pen off the bench; it a true students game, when it comes to releasing your strain and frustration of studies, just hit the Pen!

“Necessity is the mother of invention” and it does really come up with weird and entertaining outcomes. Gear up for more masti n fun and explore the BINDAAS WORLD of college life.

Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D653xitYWVo to see a video on Chidya ud!

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