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Just Imagine! People walk into a mall to shop or eat or just to pass their time along with their buddies and to actually get to walk away with a ‘Touch phone’ in hand free of cost. That is so ‘WOW’ right!

A saunter into the City Centre Mall at Road no.1, Banjara Hills on 25th July, Saturday, could have provided one the lucky chance to take away a Samsung Touch phone. The stall is organized by the Samsung Mobile, where all its new touch phone models were on display. The display promises one a ‘WOW’ moment and fills with awe and admiration. The ostentatious array of new gadgets enthralled the passersby, who could hardly get their eyes off the gadgetry. It has attracted the crowds all around, who are excited and hope to win the Samsung touch phone. All one had to do was to fill up a coupon and drop it in a drop box, out of which a few are picked up and those lucky ones get to play a simple touch game, which could give them varying prizes such as the Samsung touch phone, Bluetooth headset or a Rebook bag. Yes, every game has some set of rules to play and this game is no exception for it.

The rules of the game:

  1. Five touch phones are provided which would each have one of the alphabets, ‘T’, ‘O’, ‘U’, ‘C’, and ‘H ’as a lock code.
  2. One has to choose any one of the mobiles and try to unlock it by guessing any of the above 5 alphabets.
  3. Depending on the number of phones unlocked, the players would be given prizes.

“These days every company organizes promotional stalls like these. They just give people false hopes. Not even one would get the prize”, says Kiran pessimistically. On the other hand we have the excited Bhargavi, who is waiting for her chance to sit on the so-called ‘hot seat’ and play the touch game. She opines, “I may or may not win the phone, what’s wrong in testing my luck and having some fun, who knows, I might actually turn out to be lucky”.

Winner of Samsung Touch phone. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

Winner of Samsung Touch phone. Credit: Enigmatic Euphony

While the awaiting crowd is all cheers for the first lucky participant, who got to the ‘Hot Seat’, a miracle occurs, the first phone gets unlocked, and so does the next…another…again…Oh god! He’s done it…and there’s goes the first lucky winner of the Samsung touch phone. The whole crowd was dumb founded, surprised and dazed at this moment. “Unbelievable! How can anyone be so damn lucky?” exclaims Prashanth.

The winner, Obed Massim, wonders, “Is this really true? It’s an amazing feeling. I am fortunate enough to have won the phone. I am thankful to Samsung”. He happens to be a non- Hyderabadi, who just came to check out the mall along with his pal. He had become the centre of all attention and jealousy; people from nowhere and everywhere were showering their congratulations upon him. He would surely never forget this touch-experience he had in Hyderabad.

The rest of the crowd slowly came back from the dazed state of victory and turned towards the on going game. The volunteers surely had a ‘wow’ time as more and more coupons were getting filled and each of them was trying their fortune with a common target in their mind… the touch phone! At the end of the day it was proved that not all of them get lucky. After all luck is not just coincidence, it is an art. Few walked away with the Bluetooth headsets and the Rebook bags and the rest had their promised ‘WOW’ moment stored forever in their memories.

So the next time if people walk into a place, where such games are organized, they should give it a shot and try their luck. Remember, there is nothing to loose… it is a win-win for all. It gives one an experience worth trying. Good Luck for trying hands at the art of luck! :-)

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