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Dr.Prasad looked in extreme horror as his teenage daughter Akshara stepped home at 11:00 P.M, both exhausted and exhilarated after a party thrown by her friend at a plush pub at the other side of the town. Both relieved and concerned, he steeped up to ask her the reason for the delay – only to get an inculpating look as an answer which meant – he should NOT be interfering.

Is this situation ringing a bell? Has this situation got something to do with every household? The answer would definitely be YES. A Yes that asserts the fact that today’s youngsters want their parents to stay away from every nook and corner of their lives. Every question that a parent asks regarding the sudden lifestyle changes in his/her child is   answered in a manner that ONLY blames the parents’ old school of thinking or the generation gap in general. Parents are blamed for their regressive thinking, for hindering their child’s progress, for ‘blowing things out of proportion’.

Do parents really deserve this large chunk of the blame game? Are Parents only self adaptive machines that accept sudden, drastic changes in their surroundings without the power to question. Don’t parents have the right to question their children at every point of our life, for every step they take? Should they be just mute spectators for the game called their child’s life? Can’t they ask for more? Maybe YES or maybe NO.

Deekshita from CVSR Engineering College voices her stringent opinion. “I completely disagree that parents are blamed for more than they deserve to be. I have seen in many of my friends’ cases where elders simply jump to horrendous conclusions without bothering to check the facts. Finding fault seems to be a disorder that they are unable to cope with”. Anurag is extremely frustrated with this opinion. As he opines, “This trend is prevalent only in a few households. Taking advantage of this, the youth are making merry by pushing the blame off their backs”.

Dr. Padmaja, a mother of two teenage daughters reveals her side of the story. “We, parents have obviously seen this world from more dimensions than our children. So we demand respect at least on that front. What manifests as over-reaction is actually concern over growing uncertainties in the world around. We don’t want to be the horror in our child’s life. We definitely don’t want to be holding daggers at them? We ARE changing, we are adapting but it definitely will take a while. Can’t we demand a little bit of understanding? Is there then, no way out through this so called ‘generation gap’?”

Nikhita Reddy of Vasavi Engg College rightly points out, “Why are we always looking to reduce the gap? Why do we always want some one else to think in the way we do? It’s a problem that lies mainly in lack of communication”. Taking a cue from her, what can be stated is that while the whole lot is trying to prove that their set is better, the real essence of the problem and the solution as to how to co-exist peacefully is lost.

Mrs. Sakuntala & Dr. Anil Kumar parents of eight year old Anjani say, “Even though our daughter is young, she questions us on some of the decisions we take for her. But her questioning is always rational and we more often than not reach an amicable solution”. Maybe a lesson could be learnt here. What is noticed is that as the youth grow older, the reasons for arguments become more and more pointless and trivial. Everything that parents say seems to be wrong and vice-versa. As Amey, a student of BITS – Hyd puts it, “What I feel seems like the THE ALL and END ALL for me. When I retrospect, I realize that it would be one of my biggest follies. A mistake I could have very easily avoided”.

So, on the contrary, maybe this generation gap is just a hypothesis. Maybe it’s in both the child’s as well as the parents’ hands to make it ALL HAPPIES. Maybe teenage children are not a headache as generally perceived to be. Maybe…

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