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‘EAMCET results declared’, the news channels flashed and students all over the state rushed towards internet hubs to know their result. Harish, a student of Sri Chaitanya scored a good total of 63 and naturally expected a rank that would put him in a well recognized college. He completely forgot that the government had introduced the 25% adage of IPE marks to the total and only 75% of the actual marks would be considered. He had secured only 61% in his IPE and that worsened things for him. His final total came down to a disappointing 48 and his rank was a jaw-dropping 1,23,657. The government allotted almost 2 lakh seats to students, who qualify the exam this year, but that did nothing to console Harish as his dreams of a seat in VJIET or MREC were shattered. He knew that it was not worth studying elsewhere and convinced his parents to buy him a management seat in a good college. Harish approached the engineering education giant MRGI and was forced to return empty handed as his father could not afford to pay 6 lakh for a Mechanical Engineering seat in the college.

There are many such students in the state today and legalized management, NRI seats are the main source of funding for the colleges. Some colleges ask for this huge amount as a down payment as they can make more out of it through the interest they get. Many students turn towards management seats because other colleges lack On-campus placements, Jawaharlal Knowledge Centre (JKC), good faculty, infrastructure, transport and recognition. “It is just the top ten colleges of the state that can guarantee you proper placements and a bright future”, says Priyanka beaming with pride as she belongs to GRIET and does not regret shelling 12 lakh for an ECE seat in the college. “I’m so lucky! I got a seat in BVRIT for just 8 lakh and the group is EEE!” exclaims Spoorthi, who is too happy to realize that she has to travel 130 kms everyday.

Kalyan of MIST summarizes the whole management scenario. He says that one can simply predict the management price of the college by finding out the year of establishment of the college, initial capital, rating of the labs and the teaching experience of the faculty. He also reveals the technique to be used while approaching an engineering college for a management seat.

What does the palm read? Credits : Poet's Revenge

What does the palm read? Credits : Poet's Revenge

Vijay Kumar is a famous consultant. A consultant is a person, who gains maximum from the ‘business’ of selling seats. When Harish approached him for a seat, he and his father were both insulted by Vijay, who said that he did not deserve to even think about a seat in that college as he was from a below middle class family. Harish finally found a way into the college at 1 lakh per annum as fee with the ‘donation’ or ‘building fund’ exempted. Prasad, another middleman, helped him into the college through a Minister relative of his. It cost Harish’s father a fortune to pay the fee and just when he thought his job was done, he was shocked to hear that Mr.Prasad’s fee was 60 grand. These consultants or middlemen as we call them are people, who have contacts at higher levels (mostly politicians), who would recommend the student to the college. “Ek call, ek letter aur thoda sa party fund. Samjho seat milgaya (A call, a letter and your donation towards the party is all we need. And your seat is confirmed)”, says Sudarshan who is a party worker for Congress and also a close associate to one of the ministers. And in this ship, where there is such less space, ‘donation’ is a huge term, sometimes a lifeboat.

The worst part is that only the children of highly influential people, who obviously have no financial worries get management seats easily. And they don’t have to pay no donation or consult middlemen. In this system, where there is a symphony between science and money, there is no place for a poor father to even ‘try and buy’ his son’s future.

And there are people, who say that it is just the JNTU certificate that matters and almost every college is the same. “Why the CBIT’s and Matrushri’s? I study at Krishna Deva Raya Institute of Technology near Vijayanagaram and the only thing that bothers me is that I stay away from home. Academically, I don’t have any problem and my college has excellent placement records”, says Surya, a third year student of the same institute.

Why would people turn to private colleges licensed by the government and not the colleges set up by the government itself? Why can’t the Government upgrade colleges every year and provide better infrastructure and faculty? Why is the professor of an OU college giving guest lectures at one of the city’s ‘richest’ colleges 25 days a month? Why does a CBIT seat cost 17 lakh? Why are only the private engineering colleges named in the top 20 list? It is when the government has a satisfactory answer to all these questions that the sale of education will end. A change in the system is what we need. The day when true merit is accepted and absorbed into the engineering society that the country will prosper.

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