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Friendship Day

By Kryptic Mind On July - 31 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
Gang of friends with thier bands. Credit: Kryptic Mind

It is said that ‘The language of friendship is not of words but of meanings‘. Friend is the only one, who helps when in real need. Life gets a lot easier when there is a friend to share joys and sorrows. Journey of life with absolutely no friends is like moving ahead in pitch darkness. Friends are the pillars of life. Friendship day is about celebrating this beautiful relationship with a friend.

The first Sunday of August every year is celebrated as the International Friendship Day. With Friendships day round the corner, all the people especially the kids, teenagers and youngsters are gearing up with their plans to make the special day memorable in their own way.

Friendship day greetings, e-cards and text messages with some attractive pictures of friendship bands have already started circulating among people. Right from kids to teenagers every body is all ready with their plan to engage themselves on the D-day. The most common thing we get to see on the day is people with different kinds of friendship bands on their wrists. “I have started buying bands for my best friends in the school”, says an excited 9 year kid Sharanya of DAV public school. Many shops have even started selling the friendship bands well before in time. “Well I have already started picking good and attractive e-cards to send them to my lovely friends on the scheduled day from the internet”, says and Intermediate student Divya. Cinema halls, food courts, café shops, necklace road are the widely opted places for hanging out with friends on this day. But who really cares? When friends are along then any place is just very fine as heaven.

Gang of friends chilling at the cafe day Credit: Kryptic Mind

Gang of friends chilling at the cafe day Credit: Kryptic Mind

Talking about the importance of the friendship day the most obvious answer among the young is that it is one of the most important days for them. “We normally do hang out and keep having fun with friends often for different reasons and occasions. But on friendship day we hangout and celebrate in the name of the friendship and that does matter. Friendship day does help in spreading the importance and the value of a true buddy”, opines Lalit. While Preeti says, “On friendship day I get to catch up with some of my old friends also, who don’t study any more with me. It feels great meeting your old pals and having nice chat with them. So friendship day acts as some reunion day for old friends to catch up with each other.”

“I can’t imagine my self with out friends. So definitely friendship day calls in for some sort of celebration or fun let it be big or small. It’s just too difficult to grab a place for a gang of friends in most of the café days and food courts that day but anyhow we manage to find some room for ourselves somewhere or the other and have fun”, says an 18 year old, Pranav. When asked about how did she celebrate friendship day last year and what are her plans for this year a 19 year old, Swarna tells, “We usually pick some good food court like the eat street and all and start with tying friendship bands. Then we have nice clicks, chat, laughter, may be some food and loads fun and sweet memories. Even this year I am keen to make this friendship day also as memorable as the others and spend a quality time with friends”. The city of Hyderabad also hosts many events and parties on friendship day. The biggest friendship day party is thrown on Aug 1st at B&C on the occasion of friendship day.

Well, the city and city dwellers are all set to witness another year’s friendship day celebration which is getting better and bigger with year after year.

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend.”
- Albert Camus

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