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College; a place where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed said Robert Ingersoll, which is completely true and so is today’s engineering scenario. Also the joke, which is popular among student circles is that today’s engineering scenario is like an Indian public toilet, where people outside are desperate to get in and the ones inside are dying to get out of the skirmish. Sri Indu synonymous with its towering building and good campus is a sure winner regarding good education and discipline. Computer Sciences and IT related fields are always sought after even after recession raging at its peak. Coming to Sri Indu college it provides good exposure to the subject and a few lecturers encourage us students to take up projects right from the second year and are always available round the clock for clearing our doubts.

“I have many sisters and brothers doing B.Tech and they are all well settled and stuff and are doing well. But I want to do something different on my identity. It is a good choice of selecting  IT and CS though there is no boom. I was very fascinated about joining Software Engg. Though  I didn’t  know about it  at that time. I’ll definitely say it is a good choice”, says Satya Prabha, a 3rd year IT student.

Class in Progress. Credit: Pearl Rive

Class in Progress. Credit: Pearl Rive

“First I not see you, now i saw… Why I stand you, you agained talk. If I saw you, stand you outside”, bellowed a lecturer at the top of his voice, when he caught two guys whispering  and the whole class guffawed loudly. “Our lecturers need to learn decent communication first and then lecture us about its benefits later”, say the students of IT. This seems to be the problem faced by all student fraternity across the college. “Only a handful are good and do their job with passion. Among them the best and favorite lecturer is undoubtedly Mr. Srinivas, who instills the passion for good studying among students and commands great respect”, says Pradeepa, a 3rd year IT student.  “His striking voice makes us even jolt up from our sleep and become attentive. He is a very dynamic personality and he insists on studying well and show interest in our subjects.  He often says ‘When you come to college make up for most of the time and try to pay attention to what we lecture. Be curious to learn something’.  He is very strict and even if one student is present he takes class for that person and only then leave. He has 4-5 years of experience in Sri Indu”, quips her classmate Bharati.

The HOD for IT department is Mrs.Durga Bhavani and is new to the college.  She has over 15 years of teaching experience in the field and has come over from Guru Nanak College, where she worked for the past three years and is also a very dynamic person. She commands great respect here except that she is a bit too strict unlike the previous HOD. She teaches subjects for third and fourth years. Her classes are interesting and everyone is forced to be attentive. The previous HOD was Mr Prasad, a very pleasing personality and he used to mingle with students with an inborn ease and understood our little needs and tried to solve all problems. “We all miss him badly”, say all the students. “Prasad Sir was our HOD and a wizard. He is a life saver to many of us.  He is very friendly and tries to reason out with us without showing his authority and stuff. He is an ideal role model to us all”,  say the back benchers of 3rd year IT.

Computer lab. Credit: Pearl Rive

Computer lab. Credit: Pearl Rive

The other lecturers of this Department are Vennela Ma’am, Pavithra Ma’am, Lakshmi Ma’am, who joined as faculty last year.  Many have left this year and new ones have joined.  Malla Reddy Sir, Srinivas Sir, Kumar Sir are  a few of our old lecturers, who also teach in our labs. “Malla Reddy plays  a vital role acting as Assistant HOD of our IT Dept and always at the  back of me from day one”, rues  a 4th year student.

They treat us in a childish manner and spoon feeding is still done like materials, notes (loads of it), checking  our bags, id  cards etc are done  periodically.  Also, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are checked and confiscated regularly. Then the students are made to make personal appeals and get back their prized possessions. “I did not find many friends in  our college because  students come from far off  places  and districts to study  Engg in Sri Indu. We don’t have any sports activities, no student associations, no rock band or any other stuff”, complains Rithesh, a fourth year IT student.

IT is also famous for organizing many events and can proudly say that this is the only group in Sri Indu to have even conducted freshers’ party without the knowledge of lecturers.  Recently, even a  huge cultural event Aayukta 2009 was organized through the collective effort of all branches. For details log on to this website  http://www.sriindu-aayuktha.com/09 , which is a grand success.

Computer sciences is the second most sought after course in Sri Indu college after ECE. IT and CSc labs are one and the same. There are a total of 5 labs and about 360 systems. They are virus prone and need backup frequently. The HOD of the CSc department is Mr.Sharma, who is the best lecturer among the lot. The other lecturers are Reshma ma’am, Yamunarani ma’am, Hanumanth Rao sir, Vinnila ma’am etc. These lecturers have 3-4 years experience in the institution. “Reshma ma’am is the most popular and also teaches quite well”, says Shalini, a 3rd year CSc student.

Sri Indu College. Credit:

Sri Indu College. Credit: http://www.sriindu.ac.in/

There is not much difference in the functioning of these two groups in the college and the students are very dynamic and outspoken. “When you come to a professional course, you should adopt self learning and dont expect everyone to give notes. Make your own  study materials etc and the best is  self study… the college always encourages us to study and you can join here without any qualms”, says Geeta a  4th year CSc student .

Both CSC and IT in Sri Indu are good groups and preferably a rating of 6 out of 10 for IT and 7 out of 10 for CSc can be considered based upon students’ opinion. Freshers need not worry about campus placements as Sri Indu is accredited by NBA and every month many companies visit the campus for placements and students have been successful in them.

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