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The roads to death-01

Ever seen roads, which are used for extreme sports like Drag race or Dump squib, or events wherein bikes and cars topple down and people getting seriously injured is a very common visual? If you have, then you would never complain of their uneven texture and roughness, as it is the basic requirement of such extreme sports. But what happens when important roads and colonies across the city have such roads? The race certainly isn’t for the pole position or the medals won in the sports aforementioned but becomes a matter ‘survival’ for the people using them. Youth are used to living life on the fast track, so it becomes doubly fatal when serious obstructions like these roads literally hamper their lifestyle. Rahul, an ardent biker says, “I love to drive fast as it gives me a kick. I enjoy riding my bike looking straight. Thanks to these roads, I’m now forced me look down in caution”.

These days, there are roads with ‘water conservation pits’ and ’sewerage reservoirs’ that the government hasn’t dug. Many roads, which are ‘begging to be repaired’ are found in areas like Secunderabad, Malkajgiri, Abids, Amberpet and Masab Tank, which are also, surprisingly, the routes taken by the maximum number of commuters in the city. There are a lot of other areas that suffer from the same problem. Many of the young commuters, who experience it on a daily basis, would rather prefer staying at home all day long instead.

The sewerage pipes 'un-used' in Nallakunta. Credit: Painless Predator

The sewerage pipes 'un-used' in Nallakunta. Credit: Painless Predator

When asked if these roads are causing any trouble, “Definitely yes”, says Karthik, an engineering student. He further adds with a great deal of frustration, “I’m forced to pass through the fucked up roads in Masab Tank to reach my college everyday and taking  another route is totally out of question. Adding to this agony, there is always a risk of an accident”. They say that ‘with risk,there is always a fear factor attached’. Pooja, a young employee says, “I have been traveling from Ameerpet to Dilshuknagar for the last 2 years. The condition of the roads is just horrifying. I am scared that anything can happen”, when asked if commuting through these roads was scary.

If people are wondering why nobody’s complaining about the deplorable condition of the roads, then they’re in for a surprise as that’s certainly not the case. Many complaints have been lodged with the authorities time and again. The only ones, who are ‘not complaining’ are the private hospitals in the city. “Most patients are admitted in here due to severe accidents. It’s really not surprising to see that almost 80% of the patients, who get admitted every month are below 22 years of age”, says Dr. Krishna, a general physician of a leading private hospital. “Thanks to the ill condition of roads in the city, our business is growing by leaps and bounds”, he jokingly adds.

A road type manhole in Hyderabad. Credit: Painless Predator

A road type manhole in Hyderabad. Credit: Painless Predator

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is also seemingly pretty annoyed with the ‘pathetic’ condition of the roads but they can do ‘nothing’ to help the cause either. One of the senior officers of GHMC, Mr. Ram Chander says, “We had sent around 70 applications to the Government of AP, out of which only one has been responded to”. Upon insistence on revealing further information, he adds, “The government says that there are Crores of rupees involved in this ‘damage control’ operation and therefore it will take some more time”. No one knows how long the ‘some more time’ will last for.

One comes across the ‘un-repaired’ and ‘out-of-condition’ roads and are forced to use them everyday but  in spite of it, one has made it a habit to adapt to them with a deaf ear, a blind eye and certainly a dumb mouth.

The situation is no better in colonies. Credit:Avinash

The situation is no better in colonies. Credit: Avinash

The youngsters of the city are very ‘skeptical’ about the situation changing any time soon. ‘Adjusting’ seems to be the essence of youngistaan’s tolerance. Not that anyone wants these roads to be used as “Drag race tracks” in the near future.

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