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Habsiguda, once upon a time was just like a forest. The original name of habsiguda was “Habeesguda” or “Abeesguda” and this was originated from the name Abyssinia meaning an ancient name for Africa. In early 1960’s, this place was recognized by the Government to set up research institutes like CCMB (Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology), IICT (Indian Institute of Chemical Technology), NGRI (National Geophysical Research Institute), etc. Then slowly people moved in to live here and thus it became a residential area; but now it’s becoming more of a commercial area with many shopping malls like Sony world, Woodlands, Pepe jeans, etc; many schools and restaurants are around which are on the main road itself and it’s also a connecting road for the Gatkesar and Ibrahimpatnam educational institutes. Due to all above the traffic here is at its peak.

Too many people crowded in front of malls. Credit: Priceless Aggression

Too many people crowded in front of malls. Credit: Priceless Aggression

The road here had to be widened for about 25 yards, as it is the main highway for the International Airport, Shamshabad. The demolition process started almost a year ago but still there’s no name of completing it. When asked the traffic police about this problem, he says, “These GHMC people started the work in a full swing but now no one is coming to complete the work. I had to personally get the road cleaned”. The Government collects taxes from the public to make things for the public. In between these two commodities there’s a contractor, who starts off well but doesn’t end the way it has to be ended.

The other main criterion is the parking place. The Government gives permission for the shops but never thinks about the parking. It provides parking for big projects where they get good commissions. One of the shop owners Mr. Amit (916 Gold world) expresses, “Where do you expect our customers to park? The lane beside is also not leveled so the vehicles don’t drive to the left and thus it’s become a parking place. We are ready to help but there should be some solution right?”

Cars parked on the road Credit: Priceless Aggression

Cars parked on the road Credit: Priceless Aggression

These autos are such a pain. When a person is trying to cross the road they come and stand in front of them. Though they are to the left they go so slowly in search of a passenger, which irritates the person behind. When asked an auto-driver, he recklessly replies,  “Why do you ask us, ask the cars and bikes to move. We are like this and will be like this only”. When asked the car drivers and bike riders they just gave excuses like, “just 5 minutes, they’ll be back” and “sorry I have no time to answer” etc.

Everyone wants to be ahead of the other, thus breaking the rules. Despite the RTA imposing several rules to ensure safety, their implementation is still questionable. Wearing helmet was made compulsory in 2003-04 and wearing seat belt in 2005-06, but hardly anyone follows it. When asked Mr.Eshwar (Traffic manager habsiguda) he reports, “How much can we tell them? Out of 100 we can catch hold of just 5-10. And among those, one will definitely be an MLA’s son, the other will torture, to get us transferred.  These are the things we face daily. If there has to be a change then that should come from the public only”.

Coconut wala Credit: Priceless Aggression

Coconut wala Credit: Priceless Aggression

Nowadays, apart from 7 seater-share autos 3 seaters are loading themselves with half a dozen people. Such groups of autos are found at the Habsiguda circle, they block the way of the vehicles coming from Tarnaka-Habsiguda main road. Mr.Kusumakar recollects, “We were given orders to get rid of the autos, but those guys (who were drunk) ended in a fight. These guys stay in the OU Govt. quarters and so get full backup from the higher authorities”. The police get helpless at times and can’t do anything about it. One such case was when a minister was about to visit Habsiguda and then all the traffic police were made alert. Traffic constable Mr.Ramu requested the lady selling coconut water to step a little behind, but she created an altogether different scene in front of the minister. She made it look like the constable behaved harshly towards her and thus the constable got transferred.

From this survey one thing is understood, nobody is ready to accept their mistake. Everyone is just blaming the other. It’s not the way a country should be managed. The same person, who doesn’t follow the rules here, follows them in other countries. If any change has to take place, it should come through us: the public and the youth.

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