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No, this is definitely not about letting the current pass through the body and getting the hair upright! This is about Electronics and Electricals at JBIET, where one can do things like connecting the circuits, making them work, destroying them, diffusing the fuses (as most of the students have great fun in doing  so- in the labs), lighting bulbs, etc. Here is Electronics and Communication Engineering. Thanks to Thomas Edison none of us miss the sun when the day ends. The ECE classroom at JBIET produces numerous such ‘Edisons’!

This department has 36 well qualified faculty. Dr.B.L.Raju heads the department of Electronics and Communication. He makes sure that all the students never fall short of getting the experience of working in the labs. The labs that an ECE student would work in are :

1. EDC- Electronic Devices and Circuits -1 & 2
2. Pulse and Digital circuits
3. Microwave and Optical Communication
5. Linear and digital communications
6. Analogue and digital communications

It has a departmental library with two hundred and seventy four volumes and seventeen national and international journals. They are equipped with modern equipment and state of the art software. The present intake of the branch is 120. Few lateral entries (the students, who join at the commencement of the 2nd or 3rd year ) including the actual strength would add up to around 130 (on an average). If one cannot get into the college through merit, they have an option of choosing from the management quota by paying around six lakh rupees (Rs. 6,00,000). Four batches have already passed out and have come out with flying colors.

The CROs (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope) Credits: Nayan

The CROs (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope) Credits: Nayan

Shruti, an ECE student says, “The labs are very interesting. They are kinda tough but if you are strong with your basics ,nothing more like it”. Another student Karthik feels just the opposite about the labs. He whines, “These labs are such a pain. I have a tough time clearing the labs in the externals. I don’t understand which wire goes into which socket! Damned thing!”

Preethi (name changed ) says, “I was so mistaken when I thought electronics is an interesting subject”. A friend of her’s, Srinivas says, “It totally depends on ones’ interest. Nobody forces a person to take up any branch. If one cannot cope with circuits and digital stuff, better stay out of this; or it will sting a person for the next four years!” Rajesh says, “ECE is the best branch because it makes the world function.” “Just like how no one can survive without their mobile phones, this subject does not cease to interest me! I’m so glad I’m here,” exclaims Pradeep. The fees for a student who gets into the college through counselling is Rs.27,500 while a management seat would cost around nine or ten laks. ECE seems to be a fair option for those people, who are hard working and astute.

When one thinks about the extension or the core of ECE (Electronics and Communication), one ends up landing into a EEE (Electronics and Electrical Engineering ) class! The EEE department in the college has full fledged equipped labs and a rich intake too. Initially the intake was 60 but the college had to meet up with the students’ demand to take up this challenging branch in JBIET! So it now has an intake of 120 seats. The departmental library comprises of many volumes (around 250 national and international journals) . The labs that prevail in this department are

1. Electro-Mechanics lab
2. Electrical measurements lab
3. Power electronics lab
4. Networks lab
5. Electronic simulation lab
6. Electrical power system lab

The in-built circuits in the lab of EEE department. Credits: Ravi

The in-built circuits in the lab of EEE department. Credits: Ravi

Once a student gets the hang of working in these labs, they would definitely want to apply all the knowledge they gain. So the college has placements too. Many students from the EEE branch got successfully placed in the multinational companies like Infosys, Wipro,  Virtusa etc. The students of this branch flared their brilliance in the GATE examination too. T.Rajendar , a EEE student scored a whooping 92 percentile in the all India GATE  exam . This branch proudly owns splendor, which shows up in the results of the students . A student Oormila says, “One very interesting thing about our branch is the industrial tour. Generally it so happens that most of the students are just promised that they would be taken for the industrial tour, but here it turns to be a reality”.

When the students were inquired about the faculty of this branch, everyone sounded green except a student Raj (name changed), who has a huge grudge on one of the faculty members -Varun. “That person, who is ‘supposedly a teacher’ knows everything else except the subject!” he blurts. He is renowned for screaming at students for the silliest of reasons and talking rudely. He is nice to few poeple in the college for reasons unknown while he is his own self with the rest of the students! “We are SO glad he is not in our college anymore”, giggles Anand.

Divya speaks for all her classmates that they are the future of the generation! EEE is generally appertained to words like electrifying and enigmatic. Looks like the students totally agree with it! If one needs a spark in life which is going to ignite the present and illuminate the future, JBIET is calling!

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