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By Candid Eves On August - 4 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

The word “recession” has almost taken over everybody`s mind. Has it really hit a students’ career? Anusha, a final year student says, “Personally, I feel the word “recession” is becoming just a hype these days. The media is also one of the major causes in creating this hype, which is leading to depression amongst many youngsters”. In order to clear all these misleading thoughts, a guest lecture was organized at GNITS on the 25th of July, 2009 by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Ltd. The speakers were Mrs.Gayatri, a software programmer and Mrs.Shyma, a leading project leader. This seminar was organized for all the final year students of ETM, CSE, EEE, IT and ECE. In addition to this, the ECE and ETM students were introduced to the topic ‘Web Technologies’ by a powerpoint presentation.

The seminar was given on various topics such as the latest WEB 2.0, which is in demand these days, for the most popular sites such as Skype, Google Beta, Youtube,etc. This latest technology can be modified with additional features according to the choice of the users. Mrs.Shyama spoke about HTML with explanations on various programs, XHTML (Extensive Hyper Text Mark Up Language), the differences  between HTML and XHTML which are very important for one to know. The students also took part in a ’surprise quiz’ of 20 questions. As the saying goes, “aah not again, the boring seminar!”, the students had no chance of escaping this time though! Most of the CSE and IT students gave their best shot, while the rest were engrossed in solving CAT problems, GRE, few listened to the ipod and most importantly, girls passed their time with the favourite “Gossiping”.

After a short break, Mrs.Gayatri took over and spoke about CSS basics, which include the Internal and External, the Javascript, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and AJAX (Asynchronous Java Script and XML). The above topics are very useful for students, who want to get into core software stream. Another topic was JSON (Java Subscript Object Notation), which can be used with no muss or fuss as it is user friendly. This was followed by MXML (Minimal XML), which is an XML-based user interface markup language first introduced by Macromedia in 2004. After a really long presentation, the benefits of this presentation were explained to the students.

Firstly, in the interviews, the non CSE and IT students are asked questions about these in the technical round. Secondly, one needs to know what domain is he/she using instead of blindly using them. This helps the students to increase their knowledge as well. They also stressed on the point that the recruitments would be less this year compared to the previous batches and advised the students to concentrate more on further studies and improve their skills.

Students deeply involved. Credit:

Students deeply involved. Credit: Candid Eves

The next part of the seminar was regarding how to go about preparing for an interview. As the test pattern’s primary step is firstly, the aptitude test, which is basically an elimination process while an interview is a selection process, Mrs.Shyama also made a point to the students to attempt the written test very carefully. A high cut off would result in elimination while a low one in rejection, instead, an average cut off would be preferable. Time management is important as well. The next stage would be a group discussion. Here, the confidence levels and the communication skills are very essential. After clearing these rounds, the next round would be technical round. For fortunate students, the technical round may be just like a HR round. Mrs.Gayatri cited a practical experience. She said, “I was pretty lucky for my tech round to go smoothly. I wasn`t asked much about technical stuff, but yes, I was asked about management instead, eg. ’setting up an organization’”. One should focus on the core subjects of B.Tech thoroughly. In this off-peak time, where the technical content in one matters more than the communication skills, it is very important for one to know about their projects in depth. This would enhance their technical skills. Mrs.Shyma also suggested that, by doing “Live projects” on .DOT, AJAX etc. at an institute, it adds a lot to one`s resume.

As the saying goes, “All`s well that ends well”, indeed, it was truly a well delivered lecture that proved to be thought provoking for the ones, who seemed to give a deaf ear!

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