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Friends Forever

By Schon Jianna On August - 6 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
Happy Days. Credit: Azazel Eyes

“It isn’t yet sinking into my brain that all we shared and enjoyed for the past 3 years will end in a few more months? Oh my god! I never want this phase of my life to ever end. I never want to part away from my friends, who have been so special for the last few years”, says Srishti, who is in the final year of her engineering. It is rightly said “Friends aren’t necessarily the people you like best; they are merely the people, who got there first”. The very thought of ‘the end of engineering life’ is haunting the students in the final year. It is in Engineering life that maturity decides the friendship, choosing friends whose behavior and attitude gels with the other. They are indeed the happy days of each ones’ life!

“It is all the small things that make this phase beautiful. The small issues we argue on, the gangs we maintain, the unity in bunking classes (so called mass bunks), the enjoyment in sitting together in the last benches and commenting, getting scolded together and being sent out of the class together, sharing and having lunch together, bunking classes and talking hours together, combined studies one day before the exams, helping  at the time of examinations before and during (copying J), and the list goes on and on …”, recollects Shashank, who is just out of his college life and misses all the moments.

“Somebody once said, ‘You don’t get to choose your relatives, but you do get to choose your friends’. We choose friends in engineering life, we get to know their thoughts and almost every small thing about our friends and we share every small thing that happens in our life with them and now that we are nearing the end of this beautiful journey, it hurts, not because we will not stay in contact, its that we wont have a chance to relive all these moments. It is at this age boys and girls are together and friends for life as they develop a lot of maturity in understanding each ones feelings and respect them as well. On the first day of my college I wasn’t sure how will I mingle with all here, it started of with ‘Hi, I am Mrudula’, but today I would happily say I have friends, who are for lifetime. I would cherish every small thing that has happened in my engineering life all through my life”, says Mrudula, who is also in the final year.

“We develop a strong bond as we are together always throughout”, says Akshay. He also says, “It is left to us to decide who are trustworthy, I don’t say all are materialistic but I have faced instances, where they are close to you until their work is done and don’t even bother right from the very next day. Until we are needed, they call us ‘jaan jigree dosth’ but as soon as the job is done ‘hum aapke hain kaun’. It hurts but I guess people will next time onwards think before trusting anyone. As it is said every coin has two faces, this too has. If you ask me school life friendships were much better, we never had ego feelings between us, no money matter and we were happy but now all these play vital role. Engineering is the phase of making lifetime friendships but also the time to use friendships”.

“Friendship is the heart of engineering, we realize the importance of friends and friendship only during engineering days, there is no life without heart and no engineering without friends”, says Neeharika, who believes engineering friends are friends forever. Friendship is something that can neither be measured nor be compared with anything; it just happens and continues without any reason. She also quotes that friendship is valuable when you accept each one’s imperfections and individuality.

The best thing to happen in college days is the friendships one forges, doing things together which one seldom gets a chance after stepping out of college. What else can a person ask for when he/she has friends, who mean the following lines from a song in Happy Days… literally “Paadametupotunna… payanamendaakina…adugu tadabadutunna… thodu ranaa…”

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