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Late comers made to wait outside the gate. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

The students of SVIT have serious woes everyday regarding coming on time to college, maintaining discipline on the college campus, wearing the identity card throughout the college hours and many more. Strict conventions but mandatory maintenance. To know what most students feel about these rules, how they maintain it, how they break the rules and how they manage them read on…

A survey on what the students of SVIT feel about the newly incurred decrees into their curriculum along with canvasses brought out the happiness, frustration, felicity, tactics and joy in maintaining the rules.  When questioned about their feelings on being a part of a college, where the rules have to be strictly followed many came up with many concepts and different issues.

Starting the day at 10’o clock in the morning the students face different situations, where in successful ideas take up a new way of managing college staff and their faculty members. “We have to be inside the college before 10.10 a.m. or else no entry into the college up to luncheon, which means no attendance for 3 hours, the gate is closed”, said Pratyusha. A must do event by every student as a morning prayer in the college is to swipe the identity card. “Even swiping the ID card is must on the campus ‘coz the beep there means that it recorded the entry time of the student. Our roll no will be displayed on the screen of the ‘Swipe Machine’. It’s sort of a good rule because there are not many colleges in Hyderabad, which have these swipe machines. As a matter of fact it’s rule to proclaim about the gadget usage on the campus”, says Ravi.

Not just swiping the cards in the morning one needs to wear them day long. It has the roll number, name, address, course and batch. “I belong to ‘07 batch and we are the first students on campus to get the cards in first year; our seniors didn’t have the cards then. They called it price tags. Then after sometime even they got them. And the best feature is each branch has a separate colour tag. Like IT – maroon colour, CSE – navy blue colour, ECE – green colour, EEE – orange and Mech – grey. It’s easy to recognize, which branch the student belongs to”, told Anand.

Till now rules are followed but there are few jacks, who found new ways to escape. “Coming to college on time we mostly follow and in case we are late, sometimes we throw the bag into the college from the window and tell the security that we were in already and had some work outside and came back now. They allow us. Swipe machine we can’t but the college authority is not that serious about the rule swipe cards daily. As of now we are given attendance in classes”, enjoined Prakash.  “It’s must for the students to have discipline in the life because once out of graduation, the society expects better disciplined behaviour from the students. The corporate world is full of competition and we inculcated these rules because they are very useful in future for students”, stated a faculty (name not disclosed).

Students wearing ID cards. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

Students wearing ID cards. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

The plethora doesn’t end there. When we questioned a student, who is well known for bunking classes and managing, he thought for few minutes and told the understated. These decrees, which are a must follow:

  1. Come on time to college.
  2. Swipe the ID card and wear it throughout the day.
  3. The gates will be closed after 10.10 a.m. and those, who come late have to wait out till 1 p.m.
  4. Books issued from library have to be returned on time or else you are fined.
  5. Very fabulous rule: No mobiles allowed on the campus and for those, who are found with mobiles, their mobiles will be taken away and will not be given back.
  6. Always have to come in formals. Girls and Boys shouldn’t wear T-shirts to college. Those, who are found with T-shirts are sent back.

And when queried how he manages these, he said, “Wearing T-shirt is wrong wear a formal shirt while coming from home and wear a Tee inside as soon as you reach class remove it. Mobiles during checking, we can hide them. On time we don’t have any options left, library books still it’s not taken seriously, I never took books from library but many of my friends tell me that they return and manage telling them some reasons. Even wearing ID card throughout the day is not a must. Most of the above stated are problems only till the entry in the morning once in the college you can do whatever we want. When caught initially they shout, scream and then we can soothe them”.

“This is the time we need to enjoy, many say there won’t be any fun in life and enjoy when you’re a student. All these rules seem simple to follow yet there is lot merriment in managing things and breaking the rules”, alleged Naveen. Another student Nagaraj seconds by questioning back, “Who is following the rules on the campus? No one is following. The management even left it. Except for the closing of gates nothing else is followed”.

When queried what is that students want, few said there should be a change and few put their ideas into words. “We are okay with the rules and regulations but few have to be removed. Like banning from carrying mobiles is not a good decision. In case of emergency or any other information we will be connected to the outside world. I agree that texting in classes, talking on phones during classes is wrong but those even can be brought into control. All the management has to do is to think more and implement that strategy and establish the friendly conditions”, said Teja.

Violation. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

Violation. Credit: Morle 'La Wheermy

“These rules are just constituted. We still contend them. For every rule we can think of other ways of eluding. It’s easy. Almost 80% students still come in T-shirts to college. And they just dodge away from the faculty and management assuring that it won’t happen again. Instead make some rules which followed”, rant Priyanka.

Violation of these norms is already prevailing. “Students think that rules are made just to show outsiders that the college management is stern and that their children or siblings etc; will be disciplined and conditioned in the college. These are not just to show off but to mould the students into structured and well behaved individuals. Success approaches those people soon, who are either hard working or disciplined”, articulated a faculty member.

“I don’t have any objection with the rules and regulations that the college has imposed. Its better we follow them. Not just for discipline or something its fun coming early to college and chatting with friends”, enjoined Krishna Sharma. “Whether follow the rules or not is a personal decision. Few like it, few follow it, few don’t and few do and don’t at the same time. All that matter is not to disturb the other individual”, alleged Nikitha.

“I find at least one student daily in my classes, who texts during class hours. The students stay in the college only for 6 hours and what is so happening that keeps them so occupied more than subject? It’s better the college takes the rules more seriously and puts the statements into action”, said a lab faculty. “These days it’s become a fashion alleging the other for a self mistake. A student uses mobile and when the one sitting beside looses their interest and blames this student, the reply would be ‘Mind your business, if you’re that much interested in class then concentrate there, nothing can distract your interest then. Getting disturbed because lack of your concentration and blaming me sounds crazy’. This statement is observed in everywhere. Distraction is not because of lack of concentration. It’s caused because of external disturbances. If one is so interested in the gadgets posses them but use them minimum when you’re in college. Opinions are always a personal view, I consider that the college has to loosen few rules and tighten the grip on those other rules”, averred Ikya (name changed).

On the whole, rules are made in the college to incorporate discipline and ethical way of living life. Not just to show off is the statement of the management. And these rules have to be altered is the statement of few. And okay is some others opinion. On the whole what the students want and why the college implemented these rules is still incertitude. But one thing is clear always the rules are created, few follow them, few don’t and few stay on both sides and same the situation even in this college. So students follow them or not is their personal interest but always enjoy life with education.

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