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By Miss Tick On August - 7 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
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From the pictorial representations on tablets in the ancient civilizations to paper based products to writing in the virtual world, the journey of writing has been a long one and has emerged through centuries but a pen continues to be considered mightier than sword and that will hold good for centuries to come.

Of course, when we refer to the virtual world, the word ‘keyboard’ can easily replace pen in the popular idiom but one thing, which bonds the virtual world and writing is the new age tool – Blog. Celebrities, almost celebrities and people, who are known only in their friend circle; anyone inclined towards writing has a blog today.

Some are inspired by great blogs, some by their friends’ blogs, some inspired by their own thoughts and some constipating because of content overflow in their stomach, various reasons but one place to invest all the energy, a blog! Rohit, an MBA student seconds, “When you sit alone for some ‘me-time’, many beautiful thoughts start springing up in your mind and blog is a perfect place to showcase them”.

The blogging mania is spreading like a wild fire amongst youngsters, also the not-so-young. After all no one’s complaining having a virtual space, which can be personalized as per requirement, can become a multipurpose journal and also helps in improving one’s writing skills. This high ‘personalizability quotient’ catapults blogging to unbelievable heights. With umpteen features like photos, widgets, videos, music,etc blogs go beyond being just a virtual journal. Also, the trend of having multiple blogs cannot go unnoticed. Some dedicate it to book and movie reviews, poetry, travel, cuisine or anything the blogger wishes to include. The freedom tops the list of advantages of a blog.

An idiosyncrasy all bloggers might agree with is that blogging can be extremely addictive initially and it becomes so intense that the mind cannot rest in peace unless an update on the blog happens. Soniya, a newbie in the blogging circuit shares, “Frustration was eating me up and the issue was extremely personal and I couldn’t share it with any of my friends so I decided to exhale it out in my blog but as luck would have it, the internet connection waale ki maa ki &***%, it wasn’t working when I needed it the most. I couldn’t sleep the entire night without updating and when I finally did, I sighed with relief.”

Random blogs Credit:Miss Tick

Random blogs. Credit: Miss Tick

For some however, maintaining a blog is like being in a relationship as it involves continuous thinking, regular updates and lots of creativity to keep it alive and kicking. “I thought blogging was a piece of cake ‘coz you write about random stuff about you and your life but it ain’t that easy. I started getting confused between what I wanted to write and what the readers wanted to read and because of this I chucked many ideas”, says Dino (name changed), an engineering student, who started a blog but eventually couldn’t sail through it.

Another section comprises of veteran bloggers, 100 posts in the blog and they are still going strong. They’ve had it all, good updates, ok-ok updates, brilliant updates and “did YOU write this?” updates and even after having a completely inconsistent graph these bloggers refuse to give up and maintain their blogs (they’ll make great spouses for sure!).

An important aspect of blogging is readability. For some its close friends only, some who don’t care who is reading their blog as long as they read it but higher aspirants always keep readability of their blogs in mind. They are the readers’ bloggers (a la director’s actor) and know the pulse of the reader and address current issues in their own style. A pinch of sarcasm, a touch of satire combined with wit and humour is the secret mantra of most successful bloggers. However, some just follow the ‘my-blog-my-wish’ policy and that clicks with the target audience.

Sometimes however blogs fail to click. They just reduce to being a virtual diary and the readability suffers. So what makes a blog complete thumbs down? “Too many stylish fonts, emoticons, multiple punctuations and gaudy backgrounds are a complete no-no for me but ultimately the content matters more than anything else”, adds Dino. Indeed, content is the keyword and a decent skin helps too but ultimately a blog is a virtual representation of oneself and the cliché “be yourself” cannot go wrong most of the time.

So if one has lots of stories to share, a little creativity to express oneself and still doesn’t have a blog… one should go and get a life or better, get a blog!

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