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Li’l the pain, sweet salvation. High-spirited in fain, Oh! The compassion! Food for thought, a coin or two while waiting for the green light to pop up and dole out old, outgrown apparel were ways that inflicted upon our concern; Until the zeal of a rather chock-full gathering spoke otherwise. The bolder as it seems, donating blood through aisles of purity and innocence has become a conventional act of charity.

Blood is one of the most precious gifts one could give someone. Donating blood saves lives, makes one healthier and adds to the blood resources in the community. A lot of Blood Banks have been storming colleges to find young donors and help them contribute to this sanguinary gesture. “I started donating blood when I was 18 and since then I make sure to donate blood atleast twice a year. It makes me feel good each time and its a wonderful, the feeling you get afterward”, recalls Priyanka, 21, a student of Vasavi college of Engineering. In plain sight, it has been observed that this act keeps continuing for those, who have started it.

The crowd. Credit: Screed Hauteur

The crowd. Credit: Screed Hauteur

The NTR Memorial Trust Blood Bank saw its ‘joy of sharing’ act at a camp held at VNR VJIET on 24th of July. A lot of students were seen enthusiastically waiting in queues and encouraging their friends to donate. Akhila Chitiprolu, a third year student affirms, “These camps are conducted every semester so that everybody can get a chance to donate. I have donated twice till now and it’s a great feeling afterall”. The first-timers’ complications are always there. Nobody ever remains cool and composed their first time. A bit of nervousness and anxiety, inching up with a bit of pain finally one makes through it. “Just a little bit of pain the first time and you won’t even feel it later on”, adds Akhila. But no matter what, it can faithfully be continued in a lifetime. “It is advised to take the precautionary and feel free to donate blood as we want all the students to have a good experience”, says one of the medical staff present there.

Health associates doing blood work. Credit: Screed Hauteur

Medical staff doing blood work. Credit: Screed Hauteur

A pint of blood, once lost from a young guy/girl quickly regenerates to form new blood in the course of time, which ultimately is restored within a span of one or two months. Maneesh Pratik, a faculty member at VNR VJIET says, “Donating blood is a very good thing, I encourage students to donate blood as it makes a good cause and also keeps you healthy in the long run”, who himself has been donating blood frequently.

These camps often witnessed a whopping, restless crowd that seemed to leave nowhere without giving blood! Everyone seems to want to do it. Four out of ten students were unfit to donate blood. They were anemic, weak or underweight. Although, friends seem to inspire many a number, it sometimes turns out to be a foolhardy situation. Some of them, who were allowed to donate surely had hard nuts to crack. It leaves one wondering as to how the medical staff could even allow them to do so.

The girl who fainted after donating blood. Credit: Screed Hauteur

The girl who fainted after donating blood. Credit: Screed Hauteur

One of the girls even fainted for a while, while others experienced dizziness, discomfort and extreme weakness suddenly. “It wasn’t a good first time episode for me, I fainted soon and remained totally weak for the next few days. I wasn’t what you call lean, but my haem count wasn’t very close to normal and its difficult to know that unless you get a proper blood test done; which often isn’t possible when its at your college”, alleges Anirudh, 19.

Despite the fact that a part of them were sent back, apparently, they were undeterred and went ahead to get their blood tested for its group. This was an easier accomplishment and most of them rejoiced upon acknowledging their blood groups. “I didn’t know my blood group until now, Its O positive and I am the universal donor!” exclaims a rather frantic second year student.

Precautionary measures like indulging in a lot of fluid intake as well as consuming a snack afterward could help get rid of the sudden weakness that one is susceptible to. Human body rejuvenates in a 24 hour stint and it’s less likely that one may feel the same. Also, the ones, who are weak should get it through to the head that either one hogs the veggies or ends those donating desires. The bond that unites people of various diversities remains the most powerful one even today, where bloodlines cast overtures through various pints of life.

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