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A student working on her task. Credit : Retro Penguin

The new age of technology has created a tremendous demand for engineers and most employers are recruiting engineering graduates. Although it is a bad phase for this branch right now, it still is the most popular choice among most students.

CVSR College of Engineering is approved by AICTE, New Delhi and is affiliated to JNTU, Hyderabad. A course in Computer Science and Engineering offers multitude of opportunities for careers in industry or for higher learning, beyond introducing the students to one of the most rapidly evolving technologies in the world. The computer software engineers must keep up with new developments and master new skills. The students of CSE should create combined knowledge of engineering, mathematics, and computer science to analyze the systems and develop applications toward innovation and improvement.

Mr. G. Vishnu Murthy, (Assoc. Professor), is the Head of the Dept., CSE . He has 13 years of total experience, 1 year in industry and 12 years in teaching. He did his B.Tech, M. Tech and pursuing Ph.D. in JNTU.  He has organized and attended various workshops and conferences at National level. He is instrumental in setting of the Infrastructure and also streamlining academic activities in the dept. He has been the resource person for Institute of Electronic Governance and Birlasoft programmes . He is the life member of ISTE and Member of IEEE computer society and CSI. He has guided more than 20 projects at PG level and more than 80 projects at graduation level.

CVSR! (We are halfway through into looking that way). Credit : Mr. Srinivas

CVSR! (We are halfway through into looking that way). Credit : Mr. Srinivas

He is the beacon light for faculty and encourages the students and faculty to participate in various conferences and symposiums. He is considered the best HOD in the history of CVSR, which was established in 2002. He is one of the only professors, who actually knows the subject and goes to any length to help a student out.

The other pool of lecturers of the CSE dept are all well qualified but are bit of a drab! Some of the best lecturers of this dept are Mrs. Sri Valli, Mrs. Sridevi, Mrs. Rama Devi, Mr. Vishnu Murthy (HOD).

“The assistant lecturers and the lab assistants are a pain in the a**”, says Preeti, a third year CSE student. “They are all mean minded and just want to give students a hard time”, she laments. A lot of the other students echo Preeti’s views. “Some of them are actually very nice and you should learn the knack of pataofying ‘em if you want things done”, says Pranita, a final year student of CSE.  This is again a common problem in most of the colleges, where you are graded based on your face value or your rapport with the asst. lecturers and the lab in-charges.

One of the computer labs. Credit : Retro Penguin

One of the computer labs. Credit : Retro Penguin

There are 7 major labs under the CSE & IT department, which cover all the required subjects namely – CO, C and DS, DBMS, DWDM, UML, OS, Java, ADJ and DAA. All the labs are well equipped with good configuration systems, which serves the need.

The CSE dept has been accredited by the NBA recently along with the ECE and EEE dept. “I really don’t understand this whole NBA concept, they just take 3 grand more stating NBA fee”, says Dinesh, a third year CSE student, who had to shell out extra money to clear his fee.

For the course in Information Technology, the students must keep up with new developments and master new skills constantly due to the extremely rapid rate of advancements in computer technology and applications of information technology. New areas of specialization will become available by the day. The people working in IT use their knowledge of database and their utilities in providing Decision Support Systems to various problems in the socio-economic arena. This would include envisioning, designing, developing, and testing software applications – ERP’s, Database (from designing to administration), operating systems and network distribution. They may also be called on to solve problems that arise at the companies they work for or at client sites. These engineers typically have strong programming skills although this task comprises only a portion of their work.

Formal dress code for the labs. Credit : Retro Penguin

Formal dress code for the labs. Credit : Retro Penguin

This course was introduced only two years ago mainly to increase the students intake. Surprisingly, the students of this branch show the most promise and have a lot of potential.

Mr. Vishnu Murthy is the HOD of this dept too and is never biased toward the CSE dept. and gives equal importance when it comes to taking important decisions concerning the two branches. The lecturers of this dept. are again, well educated and qualified but many of them fail to hold the students attention for long.

The lab in-charges are surprisingly lenient when it comes to this dept and there are almost no complaints from the students.

The most echoed complaint is that of ‘dress code’ in labs. “I don’t understand what my dress has got to do with working with the computers. Actually, I don’t understand what its got to do with anything. Bah, this sucks!” says Sabarish, a final year IT student, as he hurriedly tucks in his shirt and buttons his sleeves just before entering the lab.

Gaming @ Aagama '09 Credit : Sandeep M.

Gaming @ Aagama '09 Credit : Sandeep M.

Since there is almost negligent difference between the two groups (CSE and IT), some of the lecturers are shared by the two groups. The best lecturers of this dept according to majority of the students are Mr. Srinivas, Mrs. Rama Devi, Mr. Sriram Murthy.

Aagama ’09 , a national level technical symposium was organized by all the departments but mainly spear headed by the CSE and IT dept. The fest was declared a ‘grand’ success with over 1000 students participating from colleges all over the nation. “The best part was the food”, says Sai, a third year IT student with a huge grin on his face. “The foods almost never this good when it comes to fests, for once the management wasn’t  kanjoos when it came to the catering”, he adds.

“I would definitely abolish the ‘dress code’ rule and would recruit better lab in-charges”, says Aditya, a third year CSE student when asked what he would like to change about his department. “I’d get some better looking crowd and a hip canteen. But jokes aside, I’d introduce some new clubs which could add the spice element to the really boring curriculum”, says Ram, a third year IT student, when asked what he would do to improve the overall aspect of the college.

There have also been a lot of measures taken to curb ragging and the students of the CSE and IT dept have also formed an anti-ragging committee.

Some of the successful CVSR-ites. Credit: Sandeep M.

Some of the successful CVSR-ites. Credit: Sandeep M.

Overall, the CSE dept. has been producing some decent engineers who now work for MNC’s like Satyam (Now, Tech Mahindra), IBM, Infosys and Birlasoft. (The first batch of IT is yet to pass out). CVSR is currently rated number 10 in the JNTU list of the top 10 colleges of the city. So, if one picks CVSR as one’s choice in the EAMCET couselling, Cheers! Welcome to the growing CVSR fraternity.

Coming à demain, ECE and EEE!

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